Coming into Our Power

Bealtaine Cottage at the beginning

A sad little cottage, a long time ago.

Love and simplicity has made this little cottage and land, into a much loved home and very productive garden.

Bealtaine Cottage, IrelandAll is possible.

bealtaine Cottage in the snowThink it and it can become reality.

Jan 12 Bealtaine permaculture 003The poorest of land will blossom with love and care and permaculture.

Jan 12 permaculture cottage 002This is the time to realise your power and all that is possible.

A boggy field becomes a pond garden!

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2011 002

A sad, abandoned cottage becomes a home.

Merry Yuletide!


  1. Hi Collette
    I love seeing all your pictures of your land and garden. I find it so inspirational. Can I ask how much land you’ve got (approx) in acres? Just out of interest really – and a bit of nosiness too!
    Thanks and all the best for 2013!
    Georgina at
    3 acres in total, of north facing, wet, thin soil land, that promised nothing and went on to deliver abundance!
    Have a great New Year, Georgina!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. Eight years, wow! Mother Nature can transform with love from us and you have proven it. May all the efforts of those out there working for this transformation be blessed this season.
    I heartily agree!
    Merry tidings from Bealtaine Cottage X

  3. Your cottage is a reflection of what one person can do to change the world. Blessing to you Colette and thank you,
    It has been the most rewarding eight years of my life 🙂
    Life is good, connected to Nature and the Mother Love
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

  4. Happy holidays Collette from one permaculturist to another, healing the planet one garden at a time. Hope you find all that you desire in the coming year!

    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage…this will be the time when growing food and simplicity of living comes to the fore.

  5. Colette, its difficult to believe that a sad bare little place has blossomed and grown in to the beautiful .home and gardens we see in your great photos. Just shows the power of love , passion and dedication. Long may Bealtaine ,Nature and you continue to amaze us.All good wishes for this Solstice season and the new year to come.
    The power of love…it is amazing, isn’t it?
    The greatest love comes from the mother, our mother, our Earth.
    Guided and powered by Gaia, the great Mother!
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

  6. This is such a timely and beautiful post for me today. I needed these good words. Thank you for reminding me that the most abandoned of places, and situations, can become whole again if we think and work our way towards it.

    I hope my own “sad abandoned cottage” can become one that is a Home.

    Calliope the Muse
    Love is the most powerful energy in our Universe.
    Love works miracles.
    Love works through us.
    God is love 🙂
    Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

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