The Collective Consciousness of Hope

Brigid Cross  Bealtaine Cottage Shop on EtsyFebruary the 1st is the feast of Saint Brigid.

Brigid was also a Celtic Goddess, who was venerated for protection of the home from fire.

morning sun at Bealtaine Permaculture Cottage Ireland is full of spring wells named after the Goddess Brigid, who held sway over them.

The Spring Wells are often seen as a portal to the Otherworld and a source of wisdom and healing.

Jack, the rescue dog at Bealtaine CottageThere is a Brigid in all who nurture compassion, hope, love and life.

Buddleia in bloom at Bealtaine CottageThese are aspects of the Divine Feminine and this is the Age of the Awakening of the Divine Feminine in all of humanity.

Governments are the trustees we elect…

They will only do what we allow them to… for we are many and they are few.

Empowerment rests within us.

This Awakening is speeding up through the medium of Social Media.

Rhubarb beds at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensI have observed the transformation of people, from being passive receivers of air-brushed, sanitized information through television, to actively engaging in exchanging information, comment and knowledge through shared social media on the internet.

Polytunnel at Bealtaine CottageThis is the beginning of the expansion of the Collective Consciousness.

Where once there was solitary repulsion towards what was wrong, there is now a growing movement of outrage.

Bealtaine CottageThis Imbolc I shall recall the legacy of Brigid.

There was a Christian Monastery built upon the sacred shrine of Brigid.

It went on to become known as a great European centre of learning and culture, that became instrumental in preserving the ancient learning and literature during the Dark Ages.

Ducks at Bealtaine CottageOften I think we are slowly emerging from the Dark Ages of Greed, Ignorance and Arrogance.

We are all sacred beings on a journey towards the Divine.

Permaculture gardens at Bealtaine CottageCompassion and Joy connects us all to the Divine.

Change is happening.

Hope abounds.


  1. I so agree with that there is a growing movement back toward a connection with nature, I myself am part of that now that I am retired, I am finding more and more that I need to be gardening. Growing anything, trees, shrubs, flowers, food. I hope my body keeps supporting me as it has done all my life and I can keep gardening, in a permaculture way of course. I have my chooks for my fresh eggs and plenty of fresh air in this part of the world in sub-tropical Australia. A great difference to where I was born and bought up until emigrating at the age of 21. I love it.

  2. Good morning Colette from the wilds of the shrub steppe, I do believe you just described my 10 year process “Where once there was solitary repulsion towards what was wrong, there is now a growing movement of outrage.” And I might add – positive action. From the ruins of cognitive dissonance (which was most if not all of my life) to the path of permaculture I am now on solid footing, from which no one can push me off center.

    Cheers to everyone who is joining this movement. Welcome Home. Now let’s get busy. We can change the course of this train wreck by demonstrating that the Self (each and everyone of us) is effectively becoming the light of positive love & action.

  3. Sometimes when I ponder all the changes for good that are taking makes me feel almost giddy….and I’m not normally a giddy person.I am smiling.

  4. I teach ‘Believe Makes and Doubt Breaks’ something my grand taught me though I have coined the phrase. I believe in what you have written and doubt greed can win. All thanks to our ancestors who passed good forward when they could.
    What a wonderful way to put it! There is much wisdom in what you have said…I love it!
    Bealtaine Cottage Blessings

  5. “Often I think we are slowly emerging from the Dark Ages of Greed, Ignorance and Arrogance.
    We are all sacred beings on a journey towards the Divine”. I do hope you are right!!!!!
    There is a change happening that people are only beginning to articulate…of this I am sure!
    Bless you

  6. ~Change indeed “is happening” albeit slowly..around the world…Colette…be well in love and light Susan~ <3
    Change begins with each one of us and ripples out…I am seeing this every day is so many people.
    Bless you!

  7. I want to make one, can harvest reeds, but would love instructions
    There is a workshop I posted on this, somewhere in the archives. I shall have a look back in January to see if I can locate it and flag it up for you.
    Bless you

    Okay…I could not find the workshop on here, so searched Google and this is a simple set of instructions for you to follow. It is a fiddly job, but keep at it and it will come right!
    Good luck!

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