Reclaim Your Humanity

August 2011 permaculture cottage 014Compassion is the bedrock of humanity.

Without compassion, we become robots of the  state and are enslaved. 

Bealtaine Cottage August 2011 permaculture cottage 002Compassion means  understanding the suffering of others.

How often do we regard our leaders as being unaware of the suffering of others?

April 2011 Bealtaine 013Compassion is regarded as a fundamental part of the greater social interconnection of humanity.

The people we revere most in history often turn out to be those who nurtured compassion for others and for the Earth.

Bealtaine Cottage 2nd August 2011 Permaculture Cottage 007Having compassion for humanity often means rejecting one’s ego and focusing our full attention on the needs of others.

The humanity within us often attracts us to compassionate people.

Bealtaine Cottage Poppies2nd August 2011 Permaculture Cottage 001This was so very evident in the days following the death of Princess Diana.

Much of humanity mourned the loss of so compassionate a woman.

Bealtaine Cottage August 2011 permaculture Cottage 020My abiding memories of Diana is of her wearing protective clothing as she inspected an area that had been land-mined…a campaign that made her unpopular with the warmongering elite, and how gently she held the baby suffering with Aids.

Bealtaine in September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 004Her passing left an enormous void that has not been filled.I cannot think of one celebrity who can fill her shoes…very sad to admit after such a long time since her death.

Our society, as portrayed by the media, appears to lack that very essence that connects us to the Divine…compassion.

Bealtaine Cottage in September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 001If we wait for our leaders to make compassion a trademark of good society, I fear we may be waiting a very long time.

It is down to us, each one of us, to cultivate and grow compassion in ourselves and those around us…Imagine, as John Lennon once sung…






  1. Compassion and empathy are something we in the US are sorely lacking. Everyday there is a big fight going on about Gun Control. We (who are parents) are 100% committed to banning assault weapons. Others in the States are hellbent on destruction and claim that assault weapons are for “hunting” and “target shooting” and would violate their precious 2nd Amendment rights. I wish another would arise, like Diana, who would show these selfish gun bullies the error of their ways. The bullies don’t seem to care that our children have the right to live and go to school without being slaughtered by gun bearing madmen.
    I understand your concerns about living in a society where guns are so popular.
    However, I must speak from my own knowledge of American people…as I have found the majority of the ones I have met to be very caring and compassionate. Government and media do not reflect this.
    I had some of the best neighbours ever in Brendan and Sheila, both New Yorkers and absolutely fantastic.
    I miss them dearly!
    They moved back to the US and I mourn the loss…
    Gunmen are raised to be so.
    As babies, they hold the same hopes, fears and goodness as all young.
    What we do to them: how we medicate and drug; abuse and bully; creates the outcome.
    You articulate the anger of many angry and outraged people.
    My heart is with you, but the picture is bigger than just guns.
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  2. I believe that all people have an innate capacity for compassion, empathy and kindness as expressed by John Lennon and practised by Princess Diana. Sadly, I also believe that humanity is desperately searching (in all the wrong places) for something that can be found in the simple message to ‘Love one Another’ at the heart of the teaching of all the Gods, Guru’s, Prophets and Philosophers, of all societies since the dawning of time.
    I agree…that is the true ‘God Particle’ we each carry within us.
    We engage with it to keep it nurtured in our hearts, or we become automatons of nothingness.
    Bless you!

  3. Thanks for that Colette, Diana and John…both huge losses…..I think you are right. The media here was completely baffled by the reaction to Diana’s death…it was not some fairy tale princess was that we knew we lost someone who was on our side. Someone who actually cared. And John….so often I wonder how his influence might have softened the extreme move to the right this country took with Reagan…..we will never know. Patti
    You have summed up our collective loss in a mindful and articulate way…providing more food for thought!
    Bless you!

  4. Great thoughts. I will remember four great woman activist who have passed. The storm rages here. I welcome the snow, snug in my home.
    Their energy remains and as we remember them so we open that energy pathway.
    Glad you are snug and well in your home!
    Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage.

  5. Colette,
    Thank you for remembering Diana. She was such a compassionate person. I am always in shock how much value people put on celebrities. They treat them like Gods, I can’t think of one that is God like. Most are just selfish idiots who only care about themselves. Every now and then they do a little something for mankind. Thanks for another thought provoking blog.
    The blzzard is in full force now, high winds and much snow.
    I think that people actually felt her passing and grieved in a genuine way that the media tried to negate by trivialising it and denigrating real emotion.
    I was reading about the blizzard over there…stay warm and cosy!
    Thinking of you there from here at Bealtaine Cottage and wishing you well X

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