Permaculture Planting at Bealtaine Cottage

Midwinter mist at Bealtaine CottageCardboard and seaweed.

Copious amounts of both were brought to the cottage last Sunday by two followers of this Permaculture blog, Terri and Lol, now good friends!

Living by the Atlantic Ocean in Connemara, access to seaweed was available and, as Terri has a health shop, cardboard was plentiful.

Bealtaine Cottage willowMaking the journey  all the way from Connemara, with their friend, John, the boot of the car was opened and this incredible valuable material was hauled out.

Atlantic shore seaweed, bags of it, along with flattened cardboard, was to be used in the making of a new garden.

As with all permaculture gardening, it would be simple and easy.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture plantingI started this process yesterday and made a short film about my progress this morning…see the link at the bottom of the page.

Preparation of the permaculture is easy and takes a relatively short amount of time.

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Permaculture is the easiest and most environmentally-friendly way to garden, grow or farm.

Bealtaine Cottage willow archPermaculture considers every single aspect of the world around us, from the home, extending into the garden and beyond.

You will see how this is applied in some small way in the video.



  1. Thank you for the beautiful tour of your garden. Stunning even in the month of February!
    You have a lovely voice, Colette. Though I expect you’ve been told that dozens of times.
    Thank you for the great feedback…I do enjoy showing people around the gardens.
    Bealtaine Blessings

    • It is a treat to read and also visual to eyes. We at really appreciate your efforts. We do use card boards but have no access to sea weeds. Love and hugs all the way,
      HARI – Himalayan Farmer
      Isn’t it great to see so many people make the small changes towards sustainable growing and permaculture? I am always so encouraged when I read comments like this…more power to you!
      Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  2. I so love your blog. I was so surprised to see so much green in your garden! While we had green grass prior to the snowstorm of Friday late we do not have all of those wonderful growing plants here in New York State. But I trust they will be coming soon… bj
    Ireland is magical for the shades of green all year round…it’s the Gulf Stream that keeps the land so frost free!
    Be prepared for Spring moving in fast…this is the pattern set in recent years.
    Blessing from all at Bealtaine Cottage

  3. Hello Colette,
    What a great combination, seaweed and cardboard. I love cardboard too. It really does the trick in killing weeds. The pictures are wonderful and so is the video. I can’t wait to see the trees in the garden. And herbs there too, what herbs are you planning to plant.
    My best to you and your delightful animal friends.
    This land supports any number of herbs…up to 50 already growing here in both wild and cultivated states. There are choices to be made…
    I have had another 2 trees donated, so it’s about to become another orchard!
    Bealtaine Blessings from all at the cottage

  4. Have seaweed envy! How brilliant to have it so handy.
    And great to meet such wonderful friends through the blog!
    However, if you get a chance to visit the sea, then collect some seaweed and steep it in a big bucket for all summer-long seaweed fertilizer concentrate…simply add a cupful to a watering can…the next best thing!
    Bealtaine Blessings

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