March Progress in the Permaculture Gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

Arabica and angel in permaculture gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

Arabica in flower today around the raised stone bed.

This beautiful, perennial flower was originally planted as a little cutting in the raised bed, underneath the Cotoneaster, but escaped and is on the run…long may it remain free!

new compost heap bordered with willow at Bealtaine Cottage

I constructed another compost heap over the weekend and here it is!

Easy enough to make as I used materials that were either lying around…the broken plastic sheeting, tucked into hoops of willow…masses of willow cut back and lots more to come!

I was donated two huge sacks of shredded paper from a local company, so that went into layers in the heap!

Visiting males get the compost activated…ssh! don’t tell…they pee on it!

A really super compost activator!

applemint in pots ready for planting out at Bealtaine Cottage

The little pots of mint are now near the open door of the tunnel, growing sturdier in the cool breeze every day.

I placed the pots into this wooden box, I made from driftwood years ago.

The piece of wood on the front was attached with a screw…it seemed too lovely not to include!

I transferred the fennel into bigger pots as they need lots of root space to stretch out…this is bronze fennel!

home made polytunnel at Bealtaine Cottage

The home made poly tunnel green house is now eight years old.

Nothing has been changed on it and the plastic has held in well as it is washed twice a year and has remained as tight as a drum!

I love days like this as it seems almost necessary to simply walk the land and enjoy the Spring.

Potatoes Chitting at Bealtaine Cottage

Happy Equinox…Happy Ostara to all!


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  1. This post certainly has a lovely spring vibe. Everything is waking up from it’s winter sleep and the rhythm has become more bustly. I like the description of the Arabica running free, it does make a pretty path as it scampers with spring joy. I keep thinking of the ‘Wind in the willows’ when mole sniffs the change in the air and his adventuresome spirit sets off into the wide and wild world beyond his door. Which reminds me I forgot to tell you that my Bealtaine willow arrived! very happy about that 🙂

    A happy and blessed Equinox and Ostara to Beltaine cottage and all you dwell there.

    • Every child should read the Wind in the Willows, or have it read to them…a favourite book of mine. You’re right…there is a scent of spring in the air and it is delicious! So glad the Willow arrived and thanks for letting me know.
      Special Ostara blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

  2. Happy Equinox to you and all your critters at Bealtaine Cottage! When considering urine in the compost pile, I always put in some sifted wood ash to temper the acidity of the urine, it also helps with any odors (I live in an urban area and pissy compost smells are rather unpopular). I hope some of the seeds I sent over are beginning to sprout for you. It would be rather sad to think they had been irradiated by the post office and rendered inert. Eric

    • Happy Ostara Eric…that’s good advice and often add ash from the stove as part of the layering. It is, of course, wood ash. I am working my way through the seeds and will let you know as I proceed.
      The day has been beautiful here and the sunset stunning. I hope all is good with you!
      Blessings from all at Bealtaine Cottage

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