Sowing Seeds and Dividing Plants in the Permaculture Gardens

frost through the window of the porch at Bealtaine CottageUploaded another video this morning, showing some of the productive gardens and what’s happening!


You can view the video by clicking on this link…


Most of the perennials are pushing their way through the soil and this is a really good time to divide and spread.

This will be the main stem of my work over the weekend.

Cottage interior, Bealtaine Cottage, IrelandThe frost descended overnight and left everything a little shocked with the cold, but the heat of the morning will rectify that.

I’m continuing to post out seeds and wanted to add a few pointers about sowing the seeds.

Bealtaine Cottage sowing seedsI follow a basic guide that suits most of what I sow…

*Cover the seed with its own depth of soil…if the seed is tiny, then just a sprinkle of fine compost will do. Bigger seeds, more depth of cover.

Bealtaine Cottage sowing seeds*Sow in modules or small pots of watered compost, place the seed on top and cover as directed. Mist with water to dampen the top and cover with a sheet of paper to keep the moisture in and stop the seeds from drying out.

*Keep an eye on the seeds and remove the paper once growth appears.

Bealtaine Cottage plant nursery*Watch for roots coming through at the bottom. As they appear, pot on into a bigger pot. I do this until the plant is big enough to withstand the hungry slugs. Slugs only really like tiny, tender baby plants!

*I plant out towards the end of May when the danger of night frost has passed. If I do decide to chance it, then I cover with fleece at night.

Bealtaine Cottage Potager beds in JuneThis Summer I intend to dry a lot of Herbs, as many of you have asked me to post out herbs from Bealtaine Cottage.

I am posting out packs this morning and fast running out of supplies!

If anyone wants seeds, just go to the link on the side of this page…


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  1. It occurs to me that what you are doing is totally in line with a movement that started in Los Angeles called “Unfuck the World.” We all know the world the way it is now is totally f**ked up and this movement is totally about getting into the garden to heal the earth, heal ourselves and put a smile on many faces. Your little corner of Ireland is a good place to hold as an example of ripping the trees out for short term goals – health of the land and people, be dammed. Like you, Collett, I send seeds everywhere I can and teach people about growing their own food and medicine. Together, one alley, one yard, one vacant lot one small holding at a time, we are unfucking the world. May our work be blessed with the smiles of the people whom we inspire.


    • That first line had me laughing!
      I like your take on life, Eric!
      I agree with your view, as I am famous for just getting on with it despite the detractors and those who criticize what I do!
      I am fortunate in having a rebel heart, that is totally working for Mother Earth.
      One little part of Earth at a time is how we roll…and laughing as we go! 🙂
      May the Earth energies spiralling out from Bealtaine Cottage surround you with happiness in all you do

      • Colx, Thanks for the ongoing inspiration. Here’s what I’m up to today:

        It’s a blustery but warm…ish day here in Portand and I have been planting out potatoes and continuing to scour out the abandoned alley in back of my house. The vicious blackberry vines were cut down during the winter . . a little at at time when weather allowed . . and I have built a huge compost pile from the chopped vines and weeds. I’ve uncovered an engine block, two transmissions and lots of rusty car parts. I wonder what will turn up once I start planting! The next door neighbor has an old shed with a huge hazel tree growing through it – seems very happy that way! There’s also a holly tree growing in the alley I never knew of before – what a treat! There are ferrel cats who live in the alley and are not all that happy with the redecorations I am making so I feel somewhat obligated to make them a shelter.

        An elderly lady who I visit in the nearby nursing home, Marie, was quite a gardener in her day. She was born in County Sligo and came to the US to work in the defense factories during the war. She created and kept a flower and vegetable garden of a quarter-acre on a small piece of land outside of Portland all on her own for years. She told me to start grinding up egg shells with a coffee grinder and to plant a handful of the shell powder with potatoes and tomatoes. At 89, she’s still pretty spry and she wants to come help in the garden once the weather turns warmer.

        At 89, I hope to be just as spry and have as many racy stories as she does!


        • It sounds great to be getting stuck into such a project, especially as the earth keeps offering up new pointers as to how one should proceed.
          Wonderful that you’re taking the needs of the feral cats into consideration too, for few people seem to have compassion for the poor mites.
          I can envision you and Marie sharing a cool drink in a lovely garden by the high of summer…sounds idyllic and presses home the point that life really is what one makes it to be!
          We create heaven, or we create hell, or we just don’t bother and trail along in the dust of others’ tracks. Heaven is emerging!
          Blessings on all your labours, Eric, from all at Bealtaine Cottage

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