A Sunday Blessing

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture paradiseThe Earth wants to cover and re-forest herself.

If you have planted trees…Bless you!

Bealtaine Cottage white buddleiaIf you believe yourself to be a part of the Earth and do not seek dominion over her…Bless you!

Oak seedling at Bealtaine CottageFor all who have sent seeds to Bealtaine Cottage and supported with donations, the work here…Bless you!

bealtaine cottage giant sunflowerFor all those who work in so many ways to protect and nurture the Bees…Bless you!

trees reflected in water barrel  Permaculture @ Bealtaine Cottage 022If you feel yourself to be confused, disconnected and wounded and seek healing from the Earth…Bless you!

Hammock in the Fairy wood at bealtaine Cottage Permaculture gardensEach time you breath deeply of clean, fresh air and thank the trees…Bless you! Summer dawn at Bealtaine Cottage IrelandAnd when, like the ancient Celts, you recognize the Creator in all living things: mountains and rivers; sun and stars; the darkest night and the brightest dawn, then Bless you, Bless you, Bless you!


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog, and absolutely love your wonderful photos – indoors and out! I live in a small town in northern US. Only .2 acre, and the backyard is a small shady clearing in a grove of large maples, so I’m not planting trees, but I am trying to make a forest food garden under the trees I have – lots of berries, among other things.

    Blessings on you and your work: you are truly an inspiration!

    • No guys here Matt…Lol…just myself!
      I have planted over 900 trees on my 3 acres and need more land to plant…give me the land and I’ll single-handedly plant the trees!
      I do grow lots of trees from seed and give them away free to visitors!
      The Plant a Million Trees project is fantastic as Ireland needs more trees!
      Are you planting any trees in the project?

      • Sorry , I knew that, I was using ‘guys’ lazily. No offence, I hope. Yes, we are doing a modest bit towards the million, just 20 trees. We (my wife, Lizzie and I) are following your progress in awe – we have only just started. We gutted and restored the house Dec 2011 to April 2012 and have only since then started creating a ridged vegetable ‘allotment’, polytunnel, some railway-sleeper beds, an orchard, a ‘jam and chutney hedge’ etc, and battling back 15 years of neglect using mower, scythes, sheep, geese and chickens. Only now are we in a position to start doing non-food trees, ‘bio diversity’, ‘pretty’ and ‘nice-to-have’ areas, a big pond etc. Nice talking to you. We will have to come and visit yours when we can.

        • What you are doing sounds amazing. It’s great to restore an old house, especially as so many in Ireland are left to rack and ruin. It’s a long and hard task, but very rewarding. You are welcome to visit and visits can be organized through the blog or by email. I look forward to meeting you soon!
          Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

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