Transformation Permaculture

Bealtaine Cottage PermaculturePermaculture is about creating a beautiful space that feels like paradise.

Bealtaine Cottage permacultureIt’s about taking better care of oneself and the planet.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculturePermaculture design can be applied in the city just as easily as the country.

Bealtaine Cottage permacultureReal permaculture is about taking care of ourselves in a way that is in relation to the planet.

Bealtaine Cottage permacultureThe notion of paradise is one that has been sold to us as only attainable after death.

Bealtaine Cottage permacultureStrange really…as this earth is the paradise we have been waiting for! Bealtaine Cottage permaculturePermaculture is a path towards more meaningful living, where all aspects of one’s life are connected.

Bealtaine Cottage wine makingPermaculture design is focused on skills, rather than the money to buy whatever it is one needs, or is told one has to have!

Bealtaine Cottage veranda and courtyardThe way we design and build our homes, often excludes the way in which we live our lives.

Bealtaine Cottage verandaFor example, here in Ireland we have an excess of rain, so a covered veranda makes good sense.

Hens at Bealtaine Cottage Jan 2012Of all the new houses I have seen constructed, not one has a veranda. Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture Permaculture is about re-connecting…with everything that makes up our lives.


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  1. Hi Colette, I love looking at the pictures of your lovely home and have been inspired by you. I would love to come up and visit your house some time in the near future. I expect weekends may be full; I am available during the week if this is better for you. I will be travelling from Cavan and if my son can come too he will come up from Dublin. Thanks and blessings Sandra

    • Hi Sandra!
      How does Thursday morning of next week sound? I will be around and about the gardens from about 10am until 2pm, so if that suits you, let me know.
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage

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