Hens in the Permaculture Garden

Hens in permacultureSix hens have come to live at Bealtaine Cottage.

They arrived on Saturday, looking rather bedraggled and grungy.

With their new lifestyle, here at the permaculture gardens, an overall improvement in their appearance and well-being is guaranteed.

hens in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageIt was lovely to take my cup of tea outside and simply watch the hens as they explored their new home.

I can get quite lost just watching them…I think they may be hypnotising me!

Amethyst Horn at Bealtaine CottageThe morning is sunny, though interrupted with showers of rain, sometimes quite heavy too!

Flowering Currant at Bealtaine CottageWe had about a month without rain and so the earth was more than ready to receive the heavy showers.

Seeds in the permaculture gardensSeeds are doing amazingly well as the temperatures rise!

Bealtaine Cottage plants in tinsAnother week or so and it’ll be difficult to keep up with the progress…so all the more important to get everything into shape now in terms of preparedness.

I have made a short video so you can see the girls settling into their new lives here at Bealtaine.

There is also some footage of the seed progress and the flowering Lunaria.

This is the video I’ve posted today…



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  1. solsticemonk

    To all “Lovers of Critters” Here’s a video about a man who loves foxes:


    1. What an incredible video, Eric…thanks for sharing this with us all!


  2. Congratulations on your new arrivals! No doubt they will respond to your devoted care with regular supplies of the freshest eggs. Hens are among my favourite creatures – I find their staccato pecking and ecccentric behaviour fascinating!


    1. From observing them over the past few days, I have noticed some interesting characters emerging…the pecking order is very much in place, lol!


  3. solsticemonk

    So glad to see the pod radishes have sprouted. Two plants will keep your salads very spicy and crunchy all summer! Pod radishes were brought to Oregon by the Chinese around 1850….and now they have traveled to Ireland!

    Have fun with the chickens!

    Someone left a white bunny on my doorstep this afternoon, cage and all. She’s very affectionate and I’ll fit her in somewhere here. Like you, I’m kinda critter crazy!



    1. I’m delighted with the Pod Radish and hope to inaugurate the plant into Irish cuisine and garden life!
      It is exciting to watch the progress of a new food plant…it could end up like the spud! Ha! Ha!
      I already have your name on the plant label!
      My very first pet, much to the disdain of my mother, was a white rabbit. Snowy was the only pet in my childhood home and I loved him!
      Blessings from Bealtaine


  4. The hens look wonderful, I know how you feel, I have a chair near each chicken yard and find myself taking much longer breaks from the gardening duties watching them. I loved the video. The cats look so happy and your seedlings are doing so well.


    1. It certainly is good to welcome the Spring! Having the hens makes it really joyful!


  5. Very lucky hens indeed!


  6. So happy you got new hens! They are lucky girls to live at Bealtaine Cottage. And they are so much fun to watch…enjoy!


  7. Looking good! Your season is a little ahead of mine, but I’m sure looking forward to warmth & getting seeds/plants into the ground. 🙂


    1. The best time of the year, when the anticipation of Spring finally comes true!


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