In Violation!

Bealtaine Cottage spinning wheelOver the past few thousand years, humankind has regarded Nature as property.

Pond in the Bog Garden at Bealtaine Cottage 015This concept is rooted in biblical text and has spawned generations who have regarded themselves as having dominion over the Earth.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensThe feudal system was based on dominion and continues today as a land-grab mentality, based on the principles of ownership and extraction.

Bealtaine Cottage verandaWhere we are at this point in time is the evolution of that concept, that biblical teaching, where we are now forced to try to manage degradation of the environment rather than prevent it.

Bealtaine Cottage standing stone in permaculture gardensWe blow the tops off mountains to extract minerals.

Bealtaine Cottage porchHundreds of chemicals are injected into the Earth to extract gas.

Bealtaine Cottage permacultureThe filth of Tar Sands is hailed as our energy saviour!

Bealtaine Cottage kitchen windowSeed is wrenched from us to be “owned” by corporations like Monsanto.

Bealtaine Cottage JackPresidents enact laws to protect these creatures of destruction from the very courts that are there to protect you!

Bealtaine Cottage re-cycled tin cansNine days ago I drew my line in the sand, deciding to refuse to comply with laws that violate Mother Earth and the abundance she so generously bestows upon us.

Bealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensMy own line in the sand has been confirmed this morning as the decision to refuse to comply with all laws that violate Mother Earth has been made.

Bealtaine Cottage recycled broken tile floorThe days of fence sitting are over.

The gloves are off

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  1. Inspired by you I have planted four trees on my allotment and am following permaculture principles. I would love to come to your workshop but it is a bit far for me to travel, but I have found a course locally and have booked myself on to it. As I get older i get more and more concerned about the earth that our grandchildren will inherit and the way that governments are handling it makes me so cross. Keep up the good work you are doing x

  2. To defend Nature’s memory//spread the word to save and share seeds and spread the message proactively. This I will do with gusto! Standing with you & the rest of the natural world.

  3. I have been concerned for many years about companies like Monsanto, Dow (since the 1970’s) and Nestle which have become increasingly aggressive in their determination to rule the world apparently through our food source~ This is so incredibly outrageous that I feel as if we are living in Orwell’s nightmare of the future ~ only that future has been with us for quite awhile now . If we as concerned and caring individuals, do not take a firm stand, make our voices heard, then the vast majority will continue to go in ignorance of what is happening to our vital and precious food source , the health and welfare of all living creatures~ forfeited by ignorance ~ We need even more petitions and people unafraid to speak out against corporations such as Monsanto. Are you also aware that Nestle is trying to say they own the rights /have a patent on the fennel flower which has been used by common folk in herbal medicine for 1000’s of years?! I feel increasingly that I live in a world where the completely mad are running things. Thank you for speaking out . Have loved your blog for a long time now and am in 100% agreement with you on just about everything you write about.

  4. It is time. Past time I suppose. But you are so right and I applaud your courage. It is our compliance that gives them power. We are the ones we have been waiting for. I like your line in the sand and I stand with you. Patti

  5. Thank you for sharing your life at Bealtaine Cottage. I have only recently begun to read your posts and enjoy your films on YouTube – it is wonderful to see your smallholding, and to learn a better way of thinking. I signed your petition … well, more of a declaration, really … on Avaaz. Sending you love, and wishing you success in all you do.

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