Generous Sponsors and Crazy Floors…

Missy and Jack at Bealtaine Cottage

You may have noticed the difference on the blog…lots more photographs, new format and better quality images.

barn at bealtaine cottageI would like to thank some of the sponsors, who have so generously enabled me to pay for all of this…Tracy at Goldkisses Art, Bandon Pottery Ireland,  Suzanne Taylor,  Sharleen Adams, Daniel Raphael, Joanne Louise…and all the rest, Thank You! Your generosity has enabled the work of Bealtaine Cottage…thank you so very much!

My photo allowance with WordPress had reached it’s limit and I was deleting blogs and pictures to facilitate uploading more!

I have now bought the domain of and purchased more storage space for photos.

The future of this blog is secure for the year ahead. Mosaic tiling kitchen floor at Bealtaine Cottage
So, back to work!

Over recent days I have been hard at it, tiling the kitchen floor…not with any old tiles! No! Broken, unwanted bits of rubbish that was on it’s way to the dump…only to be recycled on my sad old kitchen floor!

Recycled kitchen floor at Bealtaine CottageThe bags of rubbish included some rather nice tile strips and chunks…ideal for star-bursts and spirals…

crazy tiling at Bealtaine CottageIt can be fun trying to be creative with rubbish…and that is the challenge!

laying a mosaic floor at Bealtaine CottageFrom the sitting room side, the floor looks quite acceptable.

cottage on a slate and painted stones at Bealtaine CottageIt has rained all night.

My little cottage-on-a-slate is dripping, as are the painted stones.

clouds on Kilronan mountain from Bealtaine Cottage gardensThe clouds hang over the mountain and the streams gush from the hill behind the cottage.

old milk churn at Bealtaine CottageA friend who lives nearby gave me this lovely old milk churn with no bottom in it…painted Emerald Green with a rust-proof paint.

Pieris, Forest Flame at Bealtaine CottageAnother friend brought me this lovely Pieris to sit inside the churn, in it’s own bed of acid soil from the bog.

permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageOutside, the sound of gushing water dominates the morning air…


  1. I get up every morning with my cuppa and read your blog Colette. Its inspiring me to plant more here, even though I have a tiny garden. I had so many hanging baskets last year with tomatoes and herbs etc. as I didn’t have floor space, that you were guaranteed to hit your head wherever you walked. This year I’m making room to plant more.
    You really are an amazing woman. No blogs of yours should be deleted especially when it brings so much hope to us all.
    The floor looks amazing by the way. xxx

  2. Colette,
    I am writing again because I neglected to tell you how much I love your floor that you are putting in. I love the thoughtful care you are using with the designs, and to think it all would have been in a landfill! I love your little cottage too.
    My best to you

    • We do it because we care…isn’t that how it is? And so many people care more and more. Life is too short, and too precious, not to…
      Have a lovely weekend at your creative home X

  3. Your kitchen floor is looking fabulous. It is an excellent idea, environmentally respectful and so much prettier than a boring grid. Bravo for you!

    Rain too in Limoges France. Everything is green and mushy and full of life. Like your other readers, I thank you for your inspiration.

  4. Blessings on you and the helpers. I got my rain barrels up just in time for the first rain today. I am learning so much just in the doing. I did get the hedge started one tree, four bushes and two more trees coming this fall. I thank you so much for the inspiration.

  5. That is a grand idea, on redoing your floor with bits of beauty. 🙂 It is raining here in Arkansas, USA as well. So nice not to have to water. Have a good weekend Bealtaine Cottage X

    • The floor in the sitting room was made in this way almost 9 years ago and has stood the test of time, so it seemed like a good idea for the kitchen!
      Have a lovely weekend yourself!

  6. Hi Colette,
    I am so glad you were able to upgrade, all of the pictures are wonderful. Oh wonderful rain we only appreciate it when we don’t have it. We are finally getting some after more than 3 weeks without.
    My best to you

    • Upgrading has been such a relief, as I had already deleted over 65 blogs due to lack of space…and that was quite depressing for me!
      I agree…beautiful rain!
      Blessings from Bealtaine Cottage X

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