Manifestations of the Divine Feminine

Roses on the veranda at Bealtaine Copttage in June 2013Roses in bloom this morning at Bealtaine Cottage.

“As this era of masculine dominance comes to an end and a feminine understanding of life’s wholeness is included, we are beginning to experience a different world in which physical, mental, and spiritual well-being are interdependent.

We see the signs of this in the new age movement.

But the new age movement is often limited by its focus on individual well-being.

Our real concern is the well-being of the planet and the whole of humanity.

Central to this is the understanding that the physical world cannot be healed from a solely physical perspective, but requires a shift to an attitude that contains a multi-dimensional approach.”

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Roses at Bealtaine in June 2013Roses flower in abundance, grown from a couple of tyres…

These scented roses on the veranda at Bealtaine Cottage surround the image of Madonna and child, hand carved from wood.

The Divine Feminine is honoured.

poppies in bloom at bealtaine Cottage this morning

Poppies in bloom at Bealtaine Cottage this morning

Images of the Divine Feminine are found in all world religions.

A limited and patriarchal interpretation of the Creator, has given us a male figure, with the female as subservient.

Dominance of Nature and continuous war has ensued, with millions being slaughtered every century, in the name of the patriarchal god.

Pieris in an old bottom-less milk churn at Bealtaine CottageThis continues even today in these so-called enlightened times, with God being invoked continuously by political leaders!

Chives, Honesty and Lovage in the permaculture gardens of  Bealtaine CottageI reject this damnation of the Divine.

Herbs at bealtaine Cottage

Herbs in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine Cottage

Not in my name!

This is why I plant and plant…

The realm of the Divine Feminine is allowed to manifest here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Abundance from Mother  Nature

Mother Earth is honoured in all that is planted.

Bealtaine Cottage in early June 2013Her voice is heard in all that grows here at Bealtaine Cottage, reminding us all of the sacredness of life and the oneness of humanity, as we listen to the gentle coaxing of the universal Mother.
Permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageIn this new, Aquarian Age, the power is shifting back towards a balance between male and female.

pealtaine Cottage permaculture gardensOld ways will, inevitably end.

What we put in their place is our own determining at this point.

Water garden in permaculture at Bealtaine CottageOne aspect of this change is learning to speak out courage from our hearts, by harnessing the power of intuitive living and reacting…we know when something is wrong!

Bee on perennial Cornflower at Bealtaine CottageBelieve in the belief that we are NOT separated from God.

We are all a part of the Creator, like this little Bee on the perennial Cornflower at Bealtaine Cottage this morning.

The postbox at Bealtaine CottageWe carry God within us and manifest the Divine in unconditional love,  compassion, nurturing, and protecting the life force of Earth.

Manifesting the Divine FeminineWe manifest the Divine Feminine by the good we do.

Bealtaine Cottage Feminine GardensDuring nine years of planting Eden into a man made monoculture, this message has become clear to me.

Bealtaine Cottage drivewayI dedicate the rest of my life to the continuation of this work, for, it is through our actions that the Divine Feminine is allowed to manifest.



  1. Superb blog! Do you have any recommendations for aspiring writers?
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    on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform
    like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many options out there that I’m completely confused ..
    Any ideas? Thank you!

    • Start with WordPress, as it is the easiest and has lots of format choices. I did and found it very helpful and quite easy to navigate. WordPress is free, with options to upgrade later.

  2. Thank you for saying what this man, me, has felt since before the age of Aquarius started, for me, in 1967, in the great Summer of Love. I certainly could not have put this message so well as you, and I thank you sincerely. Love and blessings.

  3. Many thanks for saying what all women feel. We have been kept silent long enough. Now our efforts are being seen and we shall lead the world to a better place. We show it by kindness and love not war and hate. I will keep planting too.

  4. Beautifully said, as always. It is women who will bring about this shift. We can see what is wrong and are horrified by it. And we will change it. Not with violent revolution or by suppressing others, but by nurturing life. It is happening and it will continue. Perhaps we are guided by the Goddess. In any case, we will keep planting and tending. And others will see our bliss. Patti

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