Monsanto and Why Your Vigilance is Needed…

Vandana Shiva on GMOsWe have been informed that Monsanto are backing out of Europe.

Cottage todayWe have been told that Monsanto do not see a viable market for their GMOs in the EU.

Bealtaine CottageHowever, it is important to realise that Monsanto have cultivated friends in the highest echelons of government worldwide.

Bealtaine CottageThe EU is now officially in bed with the US administration, via the recently verified Trade Agreement.

Feverfew and tomatoesMonsanto are not going away.

The lure of money and power is too great!

Be vigilant!

David's Oak treesMonsanto have been around for some time and used to playing the long game.

Do not let your guard slip on this one.

The stakes are too high!


Update on 2nd of August.

As I suspected…

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  1. Hello Colette,
    It would be good to know just what seed companies that Monsanto owns so that the news can be carried around the world. I buy most of my organic seeds from one company and I know that they are not in bed with Monsanto..
    The whole truth about Monsanto will not be know for years they are good about hiding things. They have been in Massachusetts for all the years that I can remember, even as a child the smell that came from that plant made me understand how evil they were.
    I am disappointed in my country but not surprised.. Most politicians are weaklings when it comes to large companies and they vote with THEIR pocketbooks in mind not ours.. We will prevail though in the end, because in spite of large companies we do have a say in what they do with our pocket books.. The word is getting out..
    My best to you this day

    • That will be a task to fulfil and one I shall undertake…to find the names of all the companies owned by Monsanto!
      As for the political leaders we entrust our countries to…well, we are waking up to the deceitful webs they weave and getting the work done ourselves!

  2. Hi Colette, Just want to let you know that I would like to come on Sept 6th as you suggested. I hope you are not full up for that weekend? My daughter is coming to look after everything here for the 2 days, so I am free to come. How can I pay the deposit without it going through as a donation? I hope this works ok this time as I am really looking forward to meeting you and seeing your lovely place close up. Best wishes Jane Forrester

  3. Hi Colette, you are absolutely right about this. The recent Seed Legislation was in fact amended to allow people like you or I to save and share our seeds. However, there are lots of loop holes regarding “niche varieties” and “heterogenous material” which the legislators themselves do not seem to know anything about. Any future amendments re these will be done behind closed doors. It is more important than ever to save and share our seeds because Monsanto now owns some of the world’s organic seed companies which means that even if you buy organic seeds you may well be putting cash into Monsanto’s coffers. I am also concerned by the recent extermination of the bees in America that had become Round Up resistant. A bee keeper was carrying out his own research when all his bees were “taken into custody” and killed. Why? Maybe because Monsanto doesn’t want bees to become Round up Resistant . If all bees became Round Up resistant we wouldn’t have the worry about food security and would be even less likely to consider GMOs and cisgenic foods.

    • You are absolutely right on all these points! Let’s keep a collective eye on Monsanto, our governments and the legislation they will, undoubtedly, try to sneak past us!

  4. Monsanto along with Sygenta and BASF have withdrawn their outstanding applications for GM’s within the EU, that is not to say that MON810 (maize) will no longer be grown. Also the GM wheat trials are going ahead in the UK and I understand the Oak Park potato trial is still on going. Monsanto have many vegetable seed patents applications pending, one way or another they intend controlling our food. Cisgenic crops are the next ones to look out for, I have not been able to find out who came up with this one but Holland is pushing for Cisgenics to be allowed without the control that there was over GM’s. In polls 61% of people would be happy to eat Cisgenic crops even though some published papers say there is a problem with the plants mutating, the potatoes at Oak Park are in fact Cisgenic and not GM

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