Permaculture Woodland 014

Isn’t he lovely? 015This little Robin followed me around the gardens today as I walked Jack. 029I say the gardens, but after spending time walking all the paths, I am now of the opinion that I have 3 acres of woodland…and am delighted at the ongoing transformation from bare, barren, rushy fields, to magical, thronging-with-life, woodland! 032The trees have dropped a huge lot of leaves this year and the paths have taken on a woodland feel,  as I walk, kicking up the colourful debris. 045Such an amazing amount of wood to be cut this winter…and that’s only in tidying up, as the real harvest is ongoing and spans the year. 046In years to come this little cottage will be merged into the Fairy Wood. 048I think that was Nature’s plan from the beginning, when I first opened the door for her! 035Here and there, as I walk through the woods, I look skywards into canopies of blue and white. 050Bealtaine Cottage has given me great hope for the future of our lovely Earth. 054This place has revealed to me the health and vitality in Nature, despite our stupidity in ignoring her needs. 053With just a little bit of help, she is creating what she wants most…woodland! 005And in the middle of all this beauty, a little sanctuary.

The Bealtaine Cottage Little Christmas Book will be posted out to you all in the morning!

There are a few remaining, (16), if any kind visitor to this blog would like to support the work of Bealtaine Cottage, by purchasing this little booklet.

This is the link to the details of how to purchase  your own copy…

Blessings X


  1. Dear Collette

    I have been reading your logs and looking at your beautiful photographs for the past couple of months, they have really added something to my life. I notice your email in my mail box and go to open it anticipating that there will be something spiritual and natural to read and experience. I particularly appreciate your open heartedness.

    I would like to purchase one of your ‘little Christmas books’ please, but Ive forgotten how much they cost and the process for ordering and buying them.
    Many thanks for this and keep up your wonderful work with love Christine x

    • Thank you for your lovely words…especially on this beautiful morning!
      (I removed your address from your comment, Christine, for your privacy!)
      There is a link at the top of the website and if you click on this link, then it will take you to the details and the donate button.
      If that doesn’t suit then you can of course post a cheque to
      Colette O’Neill
      Bealtaine cottage
      County Roscommon


  2. You make it sound like paradise and how I envy you having such beauty on you doorstep. Can’t wait to receive my little Christmas Book. You are such an inspiration. Take care Lesley in England.

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