Not Our Enemy!


“Nature is not our enemy, to be raped and conquered. Nature is ourselves, to be cherished and explored.” — Terence McKenna. Wise words from a human being who explored his sacred journey to the end.

cropped-old-pictures-saved-by-dylan-3678.jpgThis really is about a mindset, a way of seeing the world around us.

A time of evolving away from fear of the dark. 009I was mindful of this last evening when I had to go out searching for Sammy-bear, in the dark, armed with a wind-up torch…oh, how I wish I’d wound it up fully and charged it beforehand, for there I was, walking, winding and calling, in the dark…crazy cat lady! 005Walking back up through the gardens, in the moonlight, Sammy-Bear doing his best to trip me up, for he loves to wind himself around my feet as I move, my mind wandered onto these words of wisdom.

As I called to mind what Terence had said, I began to look around me in the moonlight.

I stopped and listened. 003Here and there I heard the sounds of birds in trees and bushes, as I disturbed their sleep.

It became apparent to me that I was not alone and all around me was in its natural state. 026Yet, since writing and film media began to create images for us to consume, we have been drawn away from Nature, in the pursuit of fear-mongering.

I wonder why this is?

Exploitation of our deepest fears? 022Our deepest fears lie within us, not without. 002Realizing that Mother Nature is not our enemy, goes a long way in addressing all of our fears, including the deepest fear of all…our own mortality! 012The ancients Celts did not have a fear of mortality, for they believed in the immortality and transmigration of the soul and this was why Julius Caesar feared them so.

It is not possible to control those who do not fear death. 024This was also why the early Christian Church was so powerful…no fear! 007My grandmother was a mighty cool woman, who spent the last 38 years of her life on her own, going to bed alone and blessing the light of another day.

The night before my stillborn niece was buried, my grandmother kept the little white coffin in her bedroom, with her, close to the most powerful energy in the family, that of the matriarch.

Life and death were deeply intertwined and sacred for her… 027Whatever any one of us believes, it is a universal truth that Mother Nature is there to support us.

She is not our enemy!


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  1. This, “It is not possible to control those who do not fear death.” No truer words spoken. On Facebook, a meditation website posted something about chemtrails and eugenics, amidst other “frightening” things, conspiracy theories. And I thought, of all the places that should be at peace, they are spreading fear by supporting and posting articles like this.

    There are horrific things that take place in the world and sometimes direct action to stop them is needed. But these conspiracy theories are largely built out of fear and a shred of truth. What can a person do anyway? The knowledge does not change anything except drive people to panic or fear. If you don’t fear death, if you’re willing to accept your fate (or work towards changing policies), these things aren’t frightening.

    Women, like your grandmother, experienced death far more and accepted it with grace. People accepted death as a fact of life. People would hold the dead close to them, because they did not fear death but embraced life.

    Because of 9/11 in the states, they have braced for the worst and made everyone miserable in their fear of more death. With ever-increasing “security” measures. As if they could prevent death even if they wanted to. The level of fear has escalated, and while we’re deeply in fear over being surprise invaded again, we’ve invaded countries and killed other people – the very thing we fear most is what we, in turn, do to others in hopes of banishing our worst nightmares.

    Thanks for listening to my reflections on that one line. Great post, as always. Let us all be at peace, living in the moment, in harmony with the land.

    • What great insight you have shown here…thank you for that…you are right to say we must live and live without fear, but embrace life, for that is the very best we do to live fully. There is nothing to fear, for the world has always endured its share of misguided and hurtful people. It’s not about them and their tyrannies, but about us and our love, compassion and joy! Blessings to you and all you love X

  2. My grandmother used to say, “You’ll never meet anything worse than yourself in the dark”.
    I never knew whether to take comfort from that or not!

  3. Colette, thank you for your beautiful words, stories and images! The link I’m sharing is not *exactly* related, and yet if you think about it, it so is! Death and life, recycling, turning the discarded and unwanted into something beautiful. When I saw the video, for some reason, I thought of you and all your (literally fruit bearing) efforts to make something beautiful out of what was once in need of deep healing. Anyway, this is one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen in a long time, called the Land Fill Harmonic: Blessings on your day!

  4. Thank you for the lovely blog and for sharing the beautiful photos. I always find your e mails an inspiration and on days like to day its nice to know where you can to turn to for grounding in an ever changing and fast moving world.You have that gift of communicating with people through a different medium and its important for people to know that they are not alone….So do keep on doing what you are excellent at and many thanks.


  5. I am very late in ordering a Christmas book…hope there are a few left. I just ordered via the donate button..I hope it went through. Lovely words as always today. Fear is an interesting thing and has been used against us for too long. But I think some are waking up to who the real enemy is…it is certainly NOT Nature…our Mother. Blessings. Patti

  6. Colette, your feelings are so close to mine. Absolutely beautiful thoughts from you today. Thank you for expressing them for all the world to read when they are ready.

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