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There is much talk about energy and the best way to keep warm.
Last night I arrived back from visiting my mother in Omagh, to a cold cottage.
After walking Jack and feeding the boys, I set about lighting the stove in the Lodge.
Within ten minutes the Lodge was warm and cosy.
I could take off my coat and think about a pot of tea!
www.bealtainecottage.com 001This has got to be the most efficient, and gentle on the planet way, to warm a home, especially using wood from nearby…in my case the land around the cottage.
Why even setting a fire with cardboard is effective and warms the cold air very quickly indeed!
When I lived in London, I was a perpetual Skip Hunter…forever foraging for wood and never disappointed, for the amount of waste in the cities is incredible!
www.bealtainecottage.com 003The kettle sits atop the stove and will be ready for making tea shortly.
Not many gas or oil central heating boilers can do this…for free!
This wood is stuff I collected from the hedgerows.
There is a lot of wood lying around following the storm of last night and it’s just a matter of picking it up!
www.bealtainecottage.com 006Elsewhere in this little Lodge, coziness abounds!
I have started to use the top of the little stove for making soups upon.
The heat is equivalent to that on a gas or electric hob and can be adjusted with regulation of the air-flow.
www.bealtainecottage.com 008The place is toasty warm in a very short time!
Talking of which…making toast by an open fire is the height of luxury!
www.bealtainecottage.com 007This stove only needs a metal chimney and can be installed in a day.
If you can’t install a wood-burning stove, then ensure you make one room in your home as cosy as you can, with a little bed that doubles as a sofa, where you can sleep on especially cold nights.
Here in the Irish countryside there are a lot of splendid looking mansions, all recently built over the past decade.
I doubt if many of them are as cozy and welcoming as this little Lodge.

A Little Bealtaine Cottage Christmas Book…

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Sad to add that all the lovely cards are now gone! (I can post seeds with the booklets!)

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Blessings X


  1. I received your little book yesterday, and couldn’t wait to break it open and read it all in one session, despite having an appointment for work (I managed both). I’m going to read it again- more slowly!
    I love your pictures, they make one feel so cozy just looking at them. It sure beats the 1,200 euros that my house takes annually, just for heating and hot water, and most of the time I don’t even feel warm enough!
    Have a great weekend, Nadine x

  2. your little book is certainly flying out all over, I had mine yesterday and have dipped into it today but it is to be consumed over the weekend along with the new edition of ‘Permaculture’ magazine, bliss!!

  3. Hi Colette,
    you have such a cozy home. I love it. The hearth is wonderful. Wish I had a wood stove like that. We have a mantlepiece where there used to be a gas hearth. We have central heating now and the mantlepiece isn’t used anymore. The couch stands next to it, so it is out of sight too. I would love to have such a stove, but that would mean getting rid of a couch and the chimney would have to be build anew too. It is not suited for a wood stove unfortunately. My husband wants to get red of the mantlepiece and chimney. I would miss it though !!
    Have a great day.

    • In an old house I once rented in London, many years ago, there was a similar set up, with a fireplace, no longer in use. I would set candles in it for a cozy glow and it looked rather lovely. At this time of year it can be decorated with greenery for a wonderful effect and have quite a calming effect on the soul!
      Blessings and have a lovely weekend X

  4. You paint a lovely picture with those words – which building is the ‘Lodge’? I assume it’s not the main house. PS Your Christmas book arrived this morning – will enjoy having a good look over the weekend. x

    • It shows up on many of the pics…it’s a wooden building with a veranda and there’s logs outside the door. It really is very cozy and is about the size of two small sheds put together. The insulation is the trick!
      Blessings and enjoy your weekend X

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