The Heart of the Matter 013

Leitrim Animal Welfare Centre is a wonderful place for any unwanted dog or cat to end up…because 97% of these poor, abandoned animals are re-homed!

Today I visited Christine Coulson, the lady whose dedicated commitment to the welfare of animals in this part of Ireland, made the sanctuary possible.

Chistine opened this light of hope for the unwanted and stray cats and dogs, back in 1997 and has worked continuously, for the protection and welfare of abandoned animals.

Back in September, I held an “Open Gardens” fundraiser for Leitrim Animal Welfare Centre and raised 610 euros…thanks to all the friends and supporters of Bealtaine Cottage, who came from all over Ireland and sent donations from all over the world!

Christine has been quite ill over these past few months and was only well enough recently for this presentation to take place.

I’m sure you’ll all raise a glass with me, in wishing this great woman, good health, now and in the future. 001Back in the cottage, I’ve been busy making cards. 004The theme of hearts is compelling for me…drawn towards the heart as a symbol, not just of love, but of compassion, hope and trust. 003Celtic designs are also a passion of mine…the intricacy of the knot-work fascinates and soothes. 006Hearts and cats…inseparable! 011And hearts and seeds, for the love of bees!

(I will be adding a little section to the top of the website especially for hand-made cards…X)


  1. Colette
    I love the picture of you handing over the check I do hope Christine is better. SHe will be in my prayers. We animal lovers need more people like her. I GOT THE BOOKS and I must say if you haven’t gotten yours you had better order them soon. The drawings are lovely and every page has meaning. I am sending one off today to a friend for her birthday and another one for a friend who doesn’t live near me. I can’t wait for them to get them, they will be thrilled. I love all the new products you have been busy.
    Blessings to you

    • You’re right there Carole, Christine is a deeply committed, caring animal lover and bless you for being the very first contributor to the Open Gardens fund. I’s so happy you are enjoying the book…Blessings dear friend X

  2. All our animals are rescue dogs and cats….you are very kind. Your cards are very beautiful…you have to have a kind heart to help those creatures that can’t speak for themselves..:-)

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