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The evening descended as I moved back and forth from the barn with baskets of wood for the stove.
I stopped to catch the evening light, aware of the taste of early Spring in the evening air.
www.bealtainecottage.comThe clear sky had given way to hues of blue as the hands of the clock moved towards six o’clock.
The day was closing as the Blackbird sang out its territorial song.
www.bealtainecottage.comThis is the first time using my new laptop.
 As I type, I listen to Laudate Dominum by Mozart…a most beautiful and evocative song, all on this little machine! It will take me time to get used to the way it works…it’s very sensitive, but a joy to be able to sit in this warm, cosy spot and write.
Thanks to all who made this possible…thanks and blessings to you. XXX
www.bealtainecottage.comTomorrow I shall walk the gardens and photograph the changes that are appearing by the hour.
I popped some pips from an organic lemon in this pot last year and here they are earlier today! As I drove from Sligo today, I noticed new lambs in the fields near the sea…it’s much milder there and so the season starts from the coast and moves daily inwards. 
www.bealtainecottage.comThe speed at which Spring moves across the land is thrilling and the energy it carries with it is insightful, allowing us to see Mother Nature at her most magical.
For tonight, under an early Spring sky, the little lodge beckons, the wood stove warms the interior and the kettle boils atop for tea.
The coming days and weeks will be filled with preparation for the wondrous event that will renew the Earth in this small part of western Europe.


  1. Don’t know how I stumbled across your blog, but I’m so happy I did! Such beauty and magic, and such an inspiration.
    Yes, Spring is on its way I feel the change in the air.
    Sending blessings from our little cottage by the sea

  2. Your message brings such hope and encouragement especially for those of us who are locked in this infernal arctic cold right now. It is a little warmer this morning 5 degrees below zero F and it promises to be warmer…in the double digits today.

    I look forward to the spring growth of my herbs and the wonderful renewal the season brings. But for now I knit my Celtic sweaters that I sell, I am also illustrating a book of poetry for someone, and I am creating some unique multimedia collages. I don’t have time for seasonal affective disorder, or the midwinter blues!

    I must admit I so look forward to your blog arriving in my email. I enjoy it each morning over coffee. Bless you for providing us with such wonderful pictures and thoughts!

    Blessings, bj

  3. What a beautiful lullaby for springs arrival…tender and pink and newborn and full of possibilities. Here we are revving up for parched and dry and blown away and we have our hottest month to contend with yet until we are able to crest that hill where autumn will give us time to lick our wounds and heal. That’s part of the problem with living somewhere harsh. It makes you tough but it can break your heart. I love seeing the slow progression of the seasons through your eyes. Thankyou for sharing it with us 🙂

    • It seems that we are living in a state of permanent excess where our local climates and weather patterns are concerned. here in the west of Ireland we are experiencing more and more heavy rain. Weather is becoming rather feast or famine! Adaptation is the only way to keep growing…that’s why I love permaculture!

      • Ditto, the only way to adapt is through watching and harnessing natures cycles and learning to adapt using permaculture principles. I love your blog and the way that you write. Thankyou for sharing with us 🙂

      • We’re well aware of this change in weather too, Colette, here in Clare, being only about 40 kilometres from the coast.

        Official figures (from the Irish MET) state that total rainfall has increased by a little over 5% in the past 20 years. 5% doesn’t sound much but that is a heck of a lot of water extra in an already rainy place.

        It is also becoming more erratic – there are times when all our rain water storage is empty and times where the sheer amount of rain falling is a worry.

        This is climate change in action – wild, unpredictable, disruptive and violent extremes. It is rather sad that we have no choice but to adapt because the majority of people feel they cannot change – and not a single person in power dares suggest that they do, let alone propose solutions.

        Keep up the excellent work, if work it is.

        • Beautifully and concisely articulated! You have framed the problems exactly as they are…our leaders are hapless, disingenuous and self-serving people who refuse to look at the whole picture, so we are left to do as best we can. If adapting to climate change is all we can do, then let’s do it as best we possibly can and help others in the process. Life is too short to hang about waiting.

  4. I love those brand new little lambs!
    Also, you just planted lemon pips and they grew!? Will they produce fruit inside or will you plant it outside later?

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