Follow Your Bliss and the Universe Will Open Doors

Looking out on a May evening...
Looking out on a May evening…

Making a decision is always the most difficult part of moving forward.

DSCF1379In deciding, one simply puts it out there, for the Universe to pick up.

DSCF1382That is what I have done here at Bealtaine Cottage…the next move comes from that energy.

Sammy-Bear takes a seat...
Sammy-Bear takes a seat…

The sale may, or may not happen…but the planting of trees will move forward.

The feeding system I have devised and constructed for the old pipe and tin, firmly secured on the wall of the hen-house!
The feeding system I have devised and constructed for the hens…an old pipe and tin, firmly secured on the wall of the hen-house!

I have done what was asked of me and agreed to the sacrifice.

What happens next is synchronicity and the will of Divine Energy…The Forest of Bealtaine will happen in the same magical way as Eden emerged here at Bealtaine Cottage.

Food is poured in to the top of the pipe and emerges from the feeder at the bottom as the hen peck!
Food is poured in to the top of the pipe and emerges from the feeder at the bottom as the hen peck!

As my friend, Rosie, on Twitter, pointed out to me this morning…“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” -Joseph Campbell

DSCF1394Bealtaine has begun here in the west of Ireland.

Down the steps into the may gardens
Down the steps into the may gardens

Planting is under way of crops and even a few more trees, though mostly the trees are in pots awaiting a forest!

Sedge in bloom to the left of the steps.
Sedge in bloom to the left of the steps.

Walking around the gardens this morning I snapped these pictures…

Through the Fairy Wood...
Through the Fairy Wood…



Foxglove in Spurge on the woodland floor...
Foxglove in Spurge on the woodland floor…

Fairy Wood at Bealtaine Cottage
Fairy Wood at Bealtaine Cottage
Sedge in the Fairy Wood
Sedge in the Fairy Wood
Stopping by the Silt-pond
Stopping by the Silt-pond
Willow in the Bog Garden
Willow in the Bog Garden


  1. Hi I have been following your blog for a while and truly admire what you have achieved at Bealtaine Cottage. I am sad and excited for you all at the same time! Can I ask if you are still accepting visitors – I have a cottage on an acre in South Tipperary which I am trying very slowly to plant up with trees – so far 50 coloured willows, 25 hazels and 15 native irish apples – there are numerous ash, birch and hazels already here fully grown on the perimeters. The site is fully organic and for the most part I let it be as wild as possible – the previous owner was like minded. I am new to this having lived in suburbia previously and am need of guidance and inspiration. Thanks Veronica

    • Good morning Veronica, your site sounds amazing! It’s always exciting when planting up begins and growth is measured on a daily basis!
      Yes, all continues as always and visitors continue to the gardens, welcome as always!
      Email me with a selection of possible dates that we can find one to suit.

  2. I think its a good outlook to have, the universe will give you what you need, it has to me in the worst of times and the best of times. My hope for you is for you to carry on your great works wherever it may be.

  3. Dear Collette , As our little urban garden here in Moilligh Cottage proceeds , and in some cases such as not proceed , where for instance , we forgot to bring in the seeds we were hardening off , and so the snails and slugs had a grand Bealtaine feast ! The couple of ducks are /not (?) laying eggs, so we chanced putting the eggs we have in the nest herself has made , little one step forward , two back , but all learning…on the good side , the potatoes are all flying, as are the red/black curaant trees , the rhubard , the herbs and the cherry tree …so we ARE producing , and my little rocket stove has been whistling away , providing water for tea…the lilac is a pleasure in the morning and at night and we`ve made marmalade , tea, lemonade, cake and oil for my aching joints all from the “weeds” called dandelions 🙂 So why , when I read your post and see the words “cottage sell” do I start to cry??? I mean flowing tears??? IS it because as a family we have gained SO much from your posts? Is it because I will miss the letter box rattling , to find my supply of seeds? Is it because we cant afford to be the buyers of such a paradise??? Whatever happens , I pray Bealtaine cottage will go to some one who loves and cares and shares it as you have , and I pray also that whatever your future it may be blessed , over and over…now , I will go and sprinkle the last of the Honesty and Ox-eye Daisy seeds from Bealtaine cottage , and slowly help turn this urban back yard into our own small Eden 🙂 THANKYOU for everything , and may your day be a beautiful one x

    • Dear Martina…I have made a wish and put all I own behind it…the Universe always surprises me! My hope is to stay here, my wish is for land to plant a forest…we shall see how the energy moves…as always it moves! One thing is certain, Martina, I will continue blogging, as a voice for Mother Earth…one of many who want to help her recover her wealth! her wealth is our health and the future of children we will never see. All is good, all is good! XXX

      • Collette, I think it is wonderful that you are opening your life up to change and regeneration. Wherever you are taken I am sure it will be just right for you and for our Earth mother. All life processes are about renewal and movement and nothing is stationary for long unless it needs to be. For all of us who follow your blog and have been inspired to do what we can to work in greater harmony with nature you are synonimous with Bealtaine Cottage. So, initially, it seems such a loss to imagine your wonderful co-creation without you! Bealtaine -the place and the idea- are one of the beacons of hope to many of us who are searching for a way forward and your leaving the physical place of the cottage and garden you have spent so long tranforming feels like a bereavement. However, I know that you are in communion with the mystery after your years of listening and acting in cooperation with life and that if you do move it will be the start of a wonderful new adventure. It will be because you are truly acting in accordance with that mystery. Having said that, though, have you seriously concidered doing a Kickstarter campaign or some other crowd-funding initiative to gather the funds you need to buy land to forest? You have many readers who follow your blog and I think you could have a very successful result. My friend in Texas, with a fraction of your potential backers, managed 6,000 dollars donated towards her album. Love and best wishes to you Collette, whatever you decide, from Terri and Lol and may the Universe bless you with the power of attraction….

        • Wonderful uplifting words and much to ponder as always, Lol and Terri.
          I have considered all the options, including Kickstarter and other crowd-funding initiatives. I have decided not to go with any…they are not what feels right. The first step is in the decision…that is all I know for now. I wait to be inspired further. I feel there is a more inclusive way for devotees of Mother Earth to be involved… Bonds, shares, a charity…whatever emerges, the Forest of Bealtaine will be! May the law of attraction work its power!
          Blessings XXX

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