Bottling Summer

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The old tin bath has been taken down from the wall of the barn.

Used wine bottles are left to steep for a few hours in rainwater.

permaculture @ (3)Washed and clean, ready to be filled with home-made Blackcurrant wine.

permaculture @ (4)There is always at least one day during the Summer, when one feels enthusiastic enough to overcome the reluctance to get stuck into bottling wine…today, all the right chords were struck and the work began!

Cork stoppers were duly washed and left to soak and soften, till, finally…

permaculture @ (2)the wine was securely bottled! All that remains to be done is labelling…Chateau Bealtaine!

permaculture @ (2)Outside the back door, Summer continues in layers of sheer abundance…Feverfew splurges on masses of tiny, daisy-like flowers.

permaculture @ (5) Midsummer has only just crossed over and the garlic is ready to pull, with the first batch of Garlic and Oregano Olive Oil infusing.

Summer just keeps on getting bottled!

permaculture @ (4)There is so much food and flowers, it’s sheer Heaven!

permaculture @ (5)Walking around the cottage is a feast for the senses!

permaculture @ bealtainecottage.comEven the ancient Polygonum is covered with bright red flowers…one of the very few plants here that has nothing for the Bees…but a delight for me!  

permaculture @ (6)Yellow Loosestrife stands tall in the casual cottage borders.

permaculture @ (7)Roses fall over in a drunken Summer stupor, heavy with scent and bees.

permaculture @ (8)Petals cascade onto stone steps, ivory wraps for blushing fairies.

permaculture @ (9)Valerian falls onto the gravel path, dropping seeds and heavy flower-heads onto the visitor’s shoe.

permaculture @ (10)And the Summer that was bottled today, will be brought out amidst smiles and raised glasses in the depths of Midwinter.


  1. Absolutely lovely. In my garden the lavender and honeysuckle is covered with happy bees. Like you, I love what I commonly call geraniums. Lovely show of colour in pots on the windowsills of my cottage. Happy happy days. Blessings to you x

      • Yes,they do! Especially my little whitewashed stone cottage in the heart of North Yorkshire. You know, I’ve always called them geraniums and never realised until today I ‘m prob wrong. The purple ones in my garden are geraniums though? Been making elderflower cordial with my two year old granddaughter, Kitty Rose. She calls it daisy juice. Seems to have been lots of elderflower this year x

  2. and oh, the deliciousness of that blackcurrant wine! Rob still talks about it as the best part of Ireland….blessings on this years batch, from the depths of our Midwinter.
    cheers, Shannon

  3. From the depths of a cold Australian winter, this breath of summer from your beautiful cottage was very welcome. Thank you.

  4. Hi there

    How do you make your wine, we have no blackcurrants here yet but it is looking good this year.

    I have never made wine before but I have made cider a few times from all our apples.

    Any tips and receipts would be welcome.

    Kind Regards

    Anne Whoriskey

    P Please – Think before you print!

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