The Forest of Bealtaine Connected

permaculture orchard at 014Following on from comments and emails you have written about planting The Forest of Bealtaine, I have realised the international importance of this healing project.

10 July 2014 030You, my dear friends, have been planting this forest all over the world and have gently reminded me of the connectedness of which I so often write. permaculture (15)I am dedicating a section of this website to that dream made reality and here’s how…

cropped-img_0132.jpgIf you have been inspired through Bealtaine Cottage to plant a tree, then can I ask you to email a picture and a few words to me, including your name, country and website, so it can be added to The Forest of Bealtaine page?

Buddha at Bealtaine
Buddha at Bealtaine

This page will be located at the top of the website in the coming day/s.

DSCF1256I will continually update it and maybe even create a special website, if it grows like a forest!

What do you think?

Is this a good idea?

www.bealtainecottage.comI know so many of you have been inspired to plant trees through Bealtaine…this site will hopefully pay deep respect to you and your love for Mother Earth.

I await your response.

Blessings XXX Colette 

And here it is…The Inspired Forest of Bealtaine…


  1. What a wonderful idea. I planted a peach from seed this summer . Don’t know how it will grow but will find out soon. I also am ordering Muscadine vines for winter planting and I have a beautiful lemon and orange tree. They are babied and get brought in during the winter.

  2. I think that is a wonderful idea, Collette! If I can figure how to do it, I’ll gladly upload a few pictures of my fruit trees. I just moved into my new place this weekend and it’s much too hot and dry here to plant anything in the ground until autumn. Expect some pictures from me then!

  3. I LOVE the idea of a global neighborhood planted trees all along the street. And I am planting fruit trees this fall. After hurricane Katrina I helped replant trees for my arbor city. It is encouraging to think of your dream being lived through us:) pics to follow.

  4. This is such a good idea. Perhaps the Goddess will get her trees after all and you will stay at Bealtaine….a tree counter in the corner of your blog would be great! I have planted some trees here and nurtured quite a few volunteer trees, but my orchard is not yet a reality. I will send pictures of what I have though..let the count begin!

  5. Evey morning I stand beneath the huge beech tree in our garden to do this meditation and it would be lovely to think that others would come along with me. I repeat “I am strong like the oak, graceful as the willow. My feet reach deep into the earth, my hands up to the sky. I am still. I am at peace.” You Tube – Druid Tree Meditation. xxx

  6. This is a great idea! We have some work yet to do on our tiny plot, but when it is ready we will definitely plant a tree in the name of Bealtaine. 🙂

  7. Lovely idea.I am just looking at the picture on my

    wall of a Celtic World Tree and thinking about your project. Will be at my place in Normandy in three weeks and will be planting two more rowans, three oaks and two walnut trees. x

  8. Great idea! It will be so amazing to see all the food forests that Bealtaine Cottage has inspired! I suspect there are many more than any of us individuals realize. A quiet revolution, one tree at a time. And now, please excuse me, for I have seven fruit trees to plant and/or repot this weekend! Blessings to everyone. Thank you, Colette!

  9. Brilliant idea – another way to inspire us all by letting us see how many of us have been inspired. Photos coming up in the next few days. x

  10. What a wonderful idea. I have been inspired by you at Bealtaine Cottage and Risa Bear “a way to live” in Oregon USA. Both of you are wonders of inspiration and permaculture eucation. Thank you. I will be sending a picture of my paw paw trees and a willow planted in memory of my Grandfather. I live in “a healing place” here in lower NY. I just realized that though the great pond separates us, we are indeed all connected to Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love.

  11. This is such a good idea, I think you will be surprised by the amount of inspiration you provide us, I will send photos of my own little apple and plum trees planted in my small garden. Cannot wait to see how many trees are being planted by all of your followers I think it will be quite a lot.

  12. This is a brilliant idea and a very fitting way to spread and share your message and let others join in. Once the storms have stopped and I can take some photos, I will email you pictures of the two trees that I have planted on my allotment xxx

  13. Yes, I believe that is a wonderful idea to plant a forest and create a community of like minded people so inspired by Bealtaine Cottage and yourself. What a great way to allow each of us to honor,support and challenge each other to keep forging ahead in creating a more sustainable, beautiful and free planet.

  14. Dear Colette…just like you this is an imaginative and inspirational idea. The forest can grow anywhere! I have the tiniest garden ever but have squeezed in 4 fruit trees and a wine berry down to your permaculture inspiration..will try and get onto emailing a picture to you. Have a wonderful day. x

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