Permaculture Place to Stay in Ireland

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Bealtaine Cottage is a Permaculture Smallholding in the West of Ireland that has been developed from barren land over the past ten years.permaculture B&B Ireland 003

As a way of spreading the permaculture message of hope and regeneration, the gardens and cottage have remained open to visitors from all over the world during this time.permaculture B&B Ireland 006

Many visitors have spoken of their wish to be able to stay at Bealtaine Cottage and have invariably had to seek accommodation at local B&B homes.

This is the Lodge,  dedicated for anyone who wishes to stay and spend more time than just a visit to Bealtaine Cottage. (Sammy-Bear is an optional bed-mate!)permaculture B&B Ireland 007

The Lodge has a comfortable double bed and small single sofa-bed…as well as lots of pull-out floor cushions!permaculture B&B Ireland 008It also has its own door to the garden and a sheltered veranda attached. This is the view of the gardens from the door.permaculture B&B Ireland 009All four windows in the Lodge open onto sheltered gardens, as you can see.permaculture B&B Ireland 010The connecting door to the cottage leads towards the shower-room and compost toilet…yes, this is a permaculture home and all the facilities are based on sustainable principles of living!permaculture B&B Ireland 011With over a thousand trees planted here, the gardens boast shelter and a wonderful array of wildlife and birds.

This is indeed a sanctuary in the true sense of the word.permaculture B&B Ireland 012With a great little wood-burning stove installed, the Lodge is cosy and warm throughout the seasons.permaculture B&B Ireland 014

There are modern, luxurious places to stay all over Ireland…Bealtaine Cottage is different, in that it is part of the landscape and unashamedly connecting into Mother Earth!permaculture B&B Ireland 013You can park your car right up alongside the Lodge by this window. permaculture (16)Breakfasts are Vegetarian or Vegan, sitting around a cosy stove in the old-fashioned permaculture (18)You can find all the details of cost and booking by clicking on the link at the top of the page.

Please note that B&B is no longer available at Bealtaine Cottage…Sorry!


  1. Goodness me I certainly would never want to leave and Sammy-Bear would be most welcome companion during anyone’s stay!my idea of heaven ️xx

  2. Hello Colette, Sending you blessings on this gorgeous Summer day. I actually want to pick your brain….. I thought you were the perfect person to answer this question. Our drains got severely blocked and a neighbour came to help me sort it out. The consequence of this was a yard three inches deep in mucky fatty water. It has drained away now, leaving a horrible greasy cover and smell. I have brushed and brushed it, but still rather revolting. All my “mainstream” friends suggest using Jeyes fluid, but as you say there is no away, and I don’t want to use this toxic stuff. Do you have any eco friendly alternative suggestions please

    • I have never encountered this before, but my intuitive reaction would be to mix buckets of boiling water infused with soap and some essential oil such as cedarwood, lemon, etc…or better still, tea tree oil and scrub down with a stiff yard brush…I wonder what others think…?
      Colette X

      • Thank you…. I have been out there this afternoon, rubbing lemon juice into the paving slabs, using the lemons as brushes! Then washed down with hot water and ecover washing up liquid and then sprinkled with lavender oil…… STILL smells greasy but looks very clean! I think I will just have to wait for it to pass naturally…..thank you for your ideas…. cedarwood sounds nice and quite strong so may mask the smell….hope you have had a good day

  3. Hello, this all looks very tempting. Can you tell me where abouts in Ireland are you

  4. The beautiful energy can be felt by connecting with all your wonderful photos. I am truly considering going to Ireland and experiencing Beltaine Cottage. 🍀

  5. It is so beautiful Colette. It will be easy to find people who want to stay there..the question is how will you get them to ever want to leave?! 😉. Next time we are in Ireland it will be on my list for sure!

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