1. I’m sitting here by the window, looking out at the end of the day, listening to your podcast as the blackbirds call in the evening – such a beautiful voice they have. I never fail to stop in my tracks when I hear them.

    Working all day in the garden on my old country property, I became accustomed to “feeling” the time – no need for a watch. And, reading the time from the angle of the sun too.
    Being in tune with the seasons – traits inherent in all of us. Like those thrilling moments when one could discern the change in the air when a far off storm was approaching after a hot, still blue day.

    I love the early morning and late afternoon images in and around Bealtaine Cottage as the sun casts a golden glow. Very warm and atmospheric.

    Lovely to hear about your dear Jack. My Jack is also ever by my side ~ my faithful shadow.

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