Country Cottage Journal

Preparing the cottage for Yuletide and the Midwinter Feast has been underway for the past week or so.

A smaller stove has been installed in the sitting room and much of the furniture in the cottage has been moved around…a great swap has taken place!

The end of all this turmoil is almost in sight…I breath a big sigh of relief, for the organising of sleeping arrangements, food and fuel is next on my “To-Do” list!

This is a great time of the year for working indoors and in many ways it’s also a good time to prepare for the year ahead, get work done and a sense of order into the cottage.

The weather has been stormy and wet, leaving little time for any works outdoors anyway.

Despite this, it’s lovely to walk in the aftermath of such weather, as mists arise and sunsets glimmer…

Presents are made and wrapped and put to one side, to be taken out after the feast and distributed amidst excitement and anticipation.

Many of the gifts are cherished, home-made and unique.

It’s interesting to note that this appears to be much of a trend now as the big manufacturers are attempting to emulate the same “home-made, folksy, country craft” look.

It also shows that people are tired of the commercial glitz!

As I write, sitting here in the small study at the front of the cottage, the rain pours down from the heavens.

Storm Desmond is casting it’s remains down upon us!

I have posted Ancient Bog Oak pendants, hand crafted by my brother Hugh O’Neill, to many countries.

There are a few left should anyone want a gift posted from Bealtaine Cottage on their behalf, though time is limited to a few days for posting in time for Christmas.

This is the link…

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Blessings to you all on this stormy Saturday…keep snug and warm!


  1. I recall you mentioned wanting to get fabric to sew clothes….Have you looked on ? You can buy vintage fabric in lots of fun prints and patterns. It might be an option for you. Good luck! Merry Yule! Heather

  2. The warm loving atmosphere of your cottage gives new meaning to the word ‘cozy’. Thank you for sharing your life with the world. Its like dropping in on a best friend to see what she has going. The photos of the sun shimmering through the mist on the water are stunning images. How blessed the earth. Wishing you a sacred Yule season Colette.

  3. What a beautiful, snug, sacred place … a home.

    I moved in with my partner and his kids this past August. I live in a liminal area where the Atlantic meets Long Island Sound. Seals are prominent in these waters; thus, the myth of the selkies live on … in the faery myths I tell the kids, in our interactions with the land. We are in the process of preparing for Yule, honoring our connection with each other, our new home together.

    The kids often see me reading posts from your site, so they are familiar with the pictures and your words. Sophie, the second youngest, says, “Hello.”

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