1. Hello Colette, We would love to visit you, Clare Lynch & I. Clare lives in Carrick-On-Shannon. I live in the US, currently in Boise, Idaho.

    Would any one of these dates suit you? 7/8/9 March ? Please let me know, my visit to Ireland is hardly long enough to do all I would wish.

    I love the cottage, I love your blogs and your podcasts. I agree with you on everything. Often, when I am feeling lonely or let down by whatever I listen to you. I am immensely cheered.

    Blessings, thank you for all you do, Alexandra

    • Tuesday 8th March is fine. Booking the date can be done on the Good Life website. Once you book it I shall put it into the diary. My phone number and location are both there too. I shall wait to hear from you,
      Blessings X

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