Rising to Imbolc

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

The morning in the garden is bitterly cold.

These are the days before Imbolc.


We have endured the long sleep and are ready to waken to Imbolc…


Magical days, filled to the brim with anticipation, a sense of urgency too, as the precious days of sleep and hibernation in the gardens comes to a close.


As I walk around the gardens this morning, I become increasingly aware of short time left in which to prune and cut back, clear and prepare, the gardens for Spring and Summer.


Ah, Summer, just the thought of Summer on this cold, white morning of late Winter, comforts the bones.


The days of walking barefoot in the damp grass lie ahead of me.


The promise of a warm Summer makes the cold of the day recoil.


Imbolc heralds Spring here in the West of Ireland.

It is one of the four big Celtic celebrations in…

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2 thoughts on “Rising to Imbolc

  1. Hello Colette, We would love to visit you, Clare Lynch & I. Clare lives in Carrick-On-Shannon. I live in the US, currently in Boise, Idaho.

    Would any one of these dates suit you? 7/8/9 March ? Please let me know, my visit to Ireland is hardly long enough to do all I would wish.

    I love the cottage, I love your blogs and your podcasts. I agree with you on everything. Often, when I am feeling lonely or let down by whatever I listen to you. I am immensely cheered.

    Blessings, thank you for all you do, Alexandra


    • Tuesday 8th March is fine. Booking the date can be done on the Good Life website. Once you book it I shall put it into the diary. My phone number and location are both there too. I shall wait to hear from you,
      Blessings X


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