2016 is a year of transformation for Bealtaine Cottage.

Changes are being put into place this month in preparation for the year ahead.

Last year was the busiest year ever for visitors to the cottage…I lost count somewhere around June and with almost every day welcoming new visitors, work on my writing and gardening began to suffer as a consequence.

DSC08019I was guilty of what many enthusiastic people are guilty of…spreading myself too thinly! Already I have many requests from would-be visitors, so have made the decision to take a year off from opening the gardens.

DSC08020There is so much work to be done, as I have plans to create new beds and paths around the three acres. Talk about work…I haven’t even had time to move my Lemon tree in from the veranda! Thank goodness it’s been a mild Winter!


The Kale I planted into the old wheelbarrow has made good strides in growing through January! As the days lengthen the growth will increase and I look forward to harvesting leaves of Kale very soon!

For those wishing to visit, the garden gate will not be permanently closed…

Sunday May 1st is Bealtaine Day, a very special day in the gardening year for lovers of all things Celtic and Mother Earth!


May 1st is the first day of Summer in the Celtic Wheel and Bealtaine Cottage will be hosting an OPEN DAY of celebration!

Unlike the photograph taken today, the gardens will be awash with colour, as well as the hum of bees and the sweet scents of herbs and flowers!

I will also organize another Open day or two as the Summer progresses.

DSC08023Time is of the essence for me, as I attempt to fit in so many aspects of my life!

Bealtaine Cottage is home to me and I have come to realize that it is also home in a spiritual way to so many others…that is why my writing and photographing of this little place must come first.

DSC08025Out of metamorphosis comes new, better and stronger.

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Blessings for a happy weekend XXX Colette at Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland.


  1. Ahh I know it’s hard to turn people down, but sometimes we have to otherwise we end up helping others and neglecting our own things. I am very much the same, but there comes a time when you have to stop and say ‘it’s my time now for a little while”. So do all the things you want to do in that beautiful garden of yours and ENJOY, you deserve it Colettexxx

  2. Sometimes Colette we have to take time out to catch up.I am the same I try to help everyone and then you look around and there is not enough time to do all your things that need doing, that’s when we have to be strong and say no. It will be so lovely for you to spend the time in your beautiful garden. Enjoy xxx

  3. Colette,Good to take care of you…You enrich a lot of people with your great site….Is the snow all gone from the Arigina mountains.?..My father spent a lot of time there when I was very young…Enjoy St Brigid’s Day….Gerri

    • St. Brigid is my favorite saint. I wear a Brigid’s cross and have an icon of her also. I think what I admire the most about her is her adaptability! (in more ways than one! LOL!) Is Kildare anywhere near where you live?

  4. It seems to me that you are making some wise decisions. I look forward to following along.

  5. The sad fact is, if you dont shut the gates and get back to what matters, i.e. gardening, growing and writing there wont be anything to show. We can share via your writing, we can be inspired by this and it will make your open days so much more special for you and those that are lucky enough to drop by then.

  6. I think you are right Colette. I have come to the same realisation about spreading myself too thin. It is important to really focus on what is really necessary. Glad you are continuing to photograph and write. Life is such a blessing that it is tempting to try to do everything so here’s hoping we all have enough time

    • My own fault as I try to be mindful of all who ask…but need to work on the land here as little got done last year…I love people and welcome visitors, but it got out of hand! Lol!

  7. I am sure you will have a lot of folks trying to talk you into allowing them to visit this year but I applaud your decision to give yourself the time you need to get the necessary work done. Stand firm.

  8. So happy to hear that you will be giving yourself a much needed break from your hectic schedule trying to keep up with the needs of so many visitors. An open garden several times per year is a wonderful idea. This year will bring you even closer to natures open secrets. And all who are lucky enough to be following your journey will be blessed by every adventure and the revealing of even more of natures marvels and mysteries. I so regret being a late comer to your blog. I wished that I could have followed you from the beginning as I am still having a hard time figuring out how to go to your very first blog on both sites and work my way back through them chronologically. I know buried within the history of your blogs are so many treasures, if I could only figure a way to trace your journey from the beginning. But I do have your Youtube videos from the beginning in a play list. And the sound cloud fire side chats have been a wonderful. Not only the practical things do you share, such as the fact that holly can be cut and used for a warm fire on the same day without seasoning. But also the deeper things of nature you have shared with beautiful pictures and thoughtful words. One day when you are not rushed. When the time is right, we will all be looking forward to seeing your book unfold, like a perfect flower. The story of Bealtaine Cottage… Wishing you a calm, unhurried, year .. full of closeness to nature, new adventures and an even deeper knowledge of this wondrous Mother Earth.

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