Bealtaine Cottage Podcast from the Gardens

Listen to the first podcast from the gardens at Bealtaine Cottage…birdsong is free!


6 thoughts on “Bealtaine Cottage Podcast from the Gardens

  1. It continues to be very warm here in Burgundy ,about 20°c.We did have one day of snow a week ago !
    In the garden snowdrops, crocus ,primula/primroses and one daffodil are in flower,also hellibores and periwinkle.There are flowers on viburnum and japonica.The birds have sung and been flying around all winter,no rest for them this year.Like MargyC I worry they will start to nest too early.
    According to Le météo there is no end in sight to this warm weather,but we may get some rain on Thursday.The change in the weather pattern in the 14 years we have lived here is just amazing, our first few years here the winter temperatures could drop to -15°c with wind chill ! This year I have left the olive tree in the garden uncovered ,though I did bring the lemon tree into the conservatory it probably would have been fine outside.

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    • It is all these stories that make me concerned, for anecdotal evidence seems cumulative in terms of the speedy deterioration of the weather systems. We are becoming inured to climate chaos! Is it possible that the media and government do not notice what we see?


  2. I agree Colette, I worry they’re going into nesting mode and we could get really cold weather yet – the weather has seemed so wrong this last year in particular 😦

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  3. lovely listening to the birdsong and Sammy bear….. I’ve noticed a change the last couple of weeks in the morning when im doing my rounds, the birds are vocal as if they think spring is near – so unseasonally mild. blessings xx

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