A New Beginning for Bealtaine Cottage!


Today is an exciting and very uplifting day for Bealtaine Cottage and me! DSC09687For the past year or so it’s been utterly frustrating not being able to share on this website.

DSC09689Restrictions were placed upon me in relation to upload space for photographs, as I had used up virtually all of the allocated space of 13GB, which is that allowed on the Premium Plan from WordPress.

DSC09691Well, today I paid for an upgrade which allows me unlimited upload space…a treat for myself and, I’m hoping one for you too!

DSC09693As I type there is a lovely soft rain falling outside, refreshing and renewing the earth.

DSC09694The same has happened here for me on the website…I feel a sense of renewal and excitement!

DSC09696To be honest, writing and photographing Bealtaine Cottage and Mother Earth constitutes my first love!

DSC09695Much as I love the interaction on social media, it can be very time-consuming and ultimately takes away from the work I do here!

DSC09684The payment of an extra 200 Euros was necessary for the extended plan, but this liberates me from the strictures of what I can put out there for everyone to enjoy.

DSC09697I will continue with the Bealtaine Cottage Good Life website and am working on a plan to do a sort of “joined-up”daily blog…watch this space! DSC09698And so the story of Bealtaine Cottage continues, moving onwards and upwards!

DSC09699“Country things are the necessary root of our life – and that remains true even of a rootless and tragically urban civilization. To live permanently away from the country is a form of slow death.”
Esther Meynell

DSC09700And so I hope to continue bringing the country to you!

DSC09701Sharing this little sacred space in the west of Ireland, with the world…

DSC09702 The seasonal changes, garden, wildlife and Mother Earth…

DSC09703The song of the Goddess and her inspired Permaculture…

DSC09704Thanks for staying with Bealtaine Cottage…

This is a new beginning…Welcome back!


Thank you for supporting this blog


  1. I only found you yesterday, Colette…but I’m so glad I did! Such magic, beauty and inspiration! I will look forward to regular ‘visits’ and doses of the sacred magic that you’re sharing. Blessings to you xx

  2. HURRAH! So glad you took the decision, Colette, and happy to support by subscribing. Your photos just lift the old spirits! Thanks for all the wonders you post for us. Lynnexx

  3. Great news 🙂
    You are my source of inspiration for what can be done, and is being done here in Ireland


  4. Wonderful Woman! I can FEEL your excitement in your words…thank you so much for these precious and beautiful “drip feeds” of Mother Earth and the inspiration of what we can do in our own little corners of the world, cheers, Shannon

  5. Oh Colette what brilliant news, l bet you are so excited and so am I . The new photos are amazing. Thank you so much for always sharing your paradise with us. Blessings xxx

  6. Absolutely the best news ever! Bealtaine Cottage original blog flourishes once again. Great idea to possibly combine the blogs if it would be easier for you to maintain. Less time at the computer means more time in the garden. Blessings to you Colette for all that you do for others.

    • Thanks Lynne, my dear friend! It’s exciting and wonderful for me to be able to do this with the help and support of good people like yourself! I will keep both blogs going, with maybe a “Part Two” on the Good Life site, every so often! Blessings XXX

  7. Oh Colette, I’m so happy you were able to increase your space. I’ve enjoyed the videos and listening to you but I love the still photos. They let me come back and study the details of Bealtaine Cottage in detail. But it is very expensive, I hope there are donations to help cover the cost…
    Good news about the rain too! All ’round it seems a very refreshing day for BC.
    Blessings abound. Sherry in Alaska

  8. Yay! Very happy to read this Colette, I am so happy you take the time to share your Eden with all of us.

  9. Good news, Colette. I am dealing with the same issues from WordPress and my blog. Photos use up space but what is a blog without photos? Is the €200 an annual fee? I will have to look into options. Thanks for all your inspirational blogs…I look forward to many more. And congratulations! Patti

    • The 200 euros was a top up fee on top of what I paid in April, which was 99 euros. The total is 299 euros for the plan! A huge amount for me! And yes, it is an annual fee.

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