The Simplicity of the Morning


“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.”
Henry David Thoreau 

DSC00013Half light and shadows as the morning comes into view.

DSC00012Reflections and sunlight as the day rises.

DSC00011The silent beauty of the morning is a template for us all to follow into day…quiet simplicity.

DSC00010Gazing around the cottage as I follow through on early morning rituals.

DSC00009Checking where Sammy-Bear spent the night, opening the door for Jack to go out…

DSC00008Lighting the stove to boil the kettle…

DSC00006Looking for where I put my camera last evening, for I should record this ethereal beauty of the early morning…

DSC00005Finally, making my pot of coffee and stepping out to embrace the day…

DSC00004The morning, the blessed morning…where all is possible.

DSC00003May the Goddess of the morning touch your heart with delight.

DSC00002May you be released into day, free from negativity and matters you do not control.

DSC00001Embrace your day…it’s a blessing! 

“When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature.”
Sydney Smith



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  1. Wonderful words and glorious photographs. I struggle with the negativity around things I cannot control – my anger at injustice and the politics of fear and division catches up with me almost every day. So to bathe in the balm that is Bealtaine Cottage for a few minutes or more is so refreshing. Lynne.

  2. I am many hours behind you but your morning message is gratefully received in my morning time as well. Time is so relative. What a blissful peaceful and natural way to begin your day. Those days of London and rushed lives are but a fading memory in the mist. This glorious life of peace and closeness to nature is what we were all meant to live. It is a beautiful morning here too. The eastern sun smiles down upon the garden and there is a breeze coming from the delta that originates in the ocean miles away. Everywhere on Earth the miracle of nature is in full expression. I am learning to hear her voice. She talks to us in color and in the sounds of bird song and soft breezes. She waves to us with her leaf clad branches in the trees. She smiles upon us with her sun shine smile.

  3. Reblogged this on Reiki Dawn and commented:
    It’s a beautiful and unique morning a day full of blessings and opportunities not only at Bealtaine Cottage but everywhere. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Very beautiful! It helps me keep my mind off of the painful and itchy fungus that continues to invade my body. Our modern civilization is so out of touch with the natural world and maybe that is why we are experiencing so many diseases. My poor little dog is scheduled for neuter tomorrow. There is pressure to neuter all dogs in the US and I’m starting to doubt if it is all good. Is Jack neutered? He’s such a pretty, healthy looking dog.

    • Have you tried apple cider vinegar. I know that it works very well for fungal toe nails. You just bath your feet for half an hour every day. I told this to a lady who had suffered for years and had all sorts of nasty chemicals from her doctor. Of course doctors will not advise anything that hasn’t got a patent on it!

  5. Oh for your calm !since Monday we have builders replacing the kitchen roof and knocking down an unused chimney………….peace returns tomorrow !

  6. Utterly splendid. Tis night here now. Winter is knocking at our doors here in the southern hemisphere. May you day be blessed. I shall like to dream of Ireland tonight and wake with your beautiful message to begin the day. X 🌹

  7. What a beautiful morning over there in Ireland. So very peaceful and heavenly. It is overcast here in Kent, but still glorious with lovely birds singing their little hearts out, just happy to be alive …..and so am I . Thank you for the beautiful photos. Blessings xxx

  8. “Sigh”, so beautiful. Why do I feel an affinity with cottages? Is it because I may have lived in one in a past life?

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