Homelessness and Vulture Capitalism

DSC01744Why has the government of allowed Funds to cash-buy over 60% of when we have a ?

A simple question.

A simple tweet, made this morning, as I pondered what government is actually for…

DSC01723It concerns me deeply to imagine the almost two thousand  children who are awakening this morning in their homeless temporary accommodation…mostly Bed and Breakfast only hotels!

DSC01743I live in a comfortable little cottage, but grew up in circumstances not dissimilar to the homeless children of Ireland today, in that I was a child of an economically disadvantaged family. 

1624264_577952575629990_150204437_nThis is what economic inequality looked like in Ireland 53 yrs ago…that’s me on the left.

Eleven children living in a two bed-roomed terraced house.

mum-0071Yet over half a century ago, despite the cramped conditions, we had a house we called home!

My mother lived a long healthy life despite birthing eleven children…here she was in her eightieth year at Bealtaine Cottage.

DSC01742There should not be a homeless crisis here in Ireland…or anywhere for that matter!

DSC01741There were 5,811 people ‘officially homeless’ in emergency homeless accommodation in February 2016 – an increase of 48% over the previous February. This figure includes adults (3,930) and children with their families (1,881), but it does not include the ‘hidden homeless’ who are living in squats or ‘sofa surfing’ with friends or people who are living in domestic violence refuges.

~ http://www.focusireland.ie/resource-hub/about-homelessness/

DSC01739If every country in the western world can find endless money for war and bankers…need I say more?

DSC01738The Irish Government should be particularly ashamed this morning in the wake of yesterdays revelations that over sixty per cent of all houses sold last year in Ireland were to cash buyers…most of whom commanded the wealth of so-called Vulture Funds! 

vulture fund

plural noun: vulture funds
  1. a fund which invests in companies or properties which are performing poorly and may therefore be undervalued.
    DSC01729In this so-called republic, for any child to go to bed hungry or awaken in cramped squalor is an utter disgrace.
    Shame on us all!
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  1. Right on, Colette…and it seems to be happening all over the world. We have hundreds, if not thousands, of empty houses and condos here in Vancouver.
    “Investors” are sitting on these empty homes, which are often replaced with very expensive ones. New homes in some areas of our city cost more than 4 million dollars (Cdn.) and up to 20 million dollars and more. These are sold to extremely wealthy people, some of whom are billionaires, let alone millionaires. Meanwhile, we have a huge, growing, homelessness issue. Rental stock in Vancouver has fallen to .6%, and many people are giving up and moving to less expensive areas. Greed, lack of compassion, and callousness are rampant. But I have faith in humanity, and am not giving up hope! Some of us are working, even in small ways, towards positive changes.

    • There is indeed a growing awareness of this problem…in fact everything appears to be rising to a bubbling point all over the world. We keep focused on what is right and humane!

  2. Which serves the human spirit most? More restriction or less restriction? More freedom or less freedom? Is poverty of the spirit a greater threat than financial poverty? Can one be poor and happy? What is poverty? Is it inner or outer? If every person was guaranteed a living wage, would that produce utopia? Should there be ownership of land at all?

  3. Conditions are similar here in the states. Houses sit empty while homeless people can’t afford upkeep or taxes or insurance or repairs. Last week an older woman in a “nice” neighborhood died during the heat wave because her air conditioning wasn’t working (too expensive? Not aware she was eligible for assistance?) “Cooling” stations were set up for those without a/c, but people often refuse to go because they’re afraid someone may rob their homes while they’re gone. In a neighboring community, some low-income people were evicted from an apartment building when the landlord hadn’t met certain safety requirements. They had already paid deposits, first-month rent, and this state’s required occupancy fee. The city official made no mention of offering these people any support in trying to find other accommodation.

    • Politicians need to be regarded not for their oratory skills but for their humanity and compassion…this would be a good start in creating a better society for all!

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