In Search of the Goddess Rising

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A blessed day to you!

This morning is very special, for a series of events have come together to illuminate for me what I have to do next.

An email from a friend,

a dedication for my spring well in the Fairy Wood

and an image of a sacred megalithic grave not far from Bealtaine.

11695934_1624722274432570_241517419746791130_nI am, from this morning, in search of the Goddess in the landscape from Bealtaine to the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding countryside.

14445998_10154563619168267_8856636261920010690_nWhat began as a quest for Eden, thirteen years ago, has evolved into a quest to find the Goddess in all her secret wells, valleys, woods and mountain tops.

10411840_1629048047333326_5746226772228046363_nI have often wrote about her, dreamt of her and felt a need to help her rise from obscurity, for this land was the home of the Goddess before the importation of other belief systems.

In these dark days of violence and destruction, my love for Mother Earth has deepened as I watched her joyful re-emergence from this bereft land.

images (3)My task is complete here.

I will journey out from Bealtaine in search of the story of the Goddess, in search of understanding and, hopefully, of bringing together some of the connections between her and us.

IMG_2353To this end I am writing and photographing my next book as from today!

It will be published by the end of August.

If you would like to help me in this quest by purchasing an advance copy, which will be posted to you by the end of the first week in September, you can do so here.

Your support in this project is deeply appreciated…


“In Search of The Goddess Rising”, is now published and available from the Bealtaine Cottage Bookstore, see the link at the top of this page.

 You can also pay by cheque, made out to Colette O’Neill and posted to:
Bealtaine Cottage
County Roscommon
F52 YP74


  1. Your website and your you tube videos are a breath of fresh air to me. Thank you for sharing your life and work with all of us.

    Bernadette xx

  2. I am sure you will find Her, she is never far away when wandering these blessed isles. For most of our shared human history here our ancestors have walked with Her and dwelled awhile at those places where she has showed Hereslf. Walk well.

    • Bless you Marlene…the work of Bealtaine Cottage has continued unabated for 13 years and, Goddess willing, it will go on. As long as I get to pay my mortgage each month, I am content.

  3. I’ve just pre ordered the upcoming book. This seems like an ambitious project for such a short timeline but I don’t care if it’s on time or not. I just want to support you in this new project. Much encouragement to you and I look forward to reading about where this leads you.

    • I am very enthused to write this and will devote the time it needs…much of it is already in note form as I am a prolific diarist! Thanks for your support and blessings to you XXX Colette

  4. So exciting!!! Oh happy day!!!! The amazing journey continues… the center of the Celtic spiral began with Bealtaine Cottage and now the path ahead spirals outward. I would so love to come with you on your adventure exploring that ancient land. Two copies for me please. One for myself and one for the library. Posting payment today. Ancestral voices are calling. This indeed must have been your spiritual destiny.

    • I am truly excited and amazed, Lynne, as your email this morning was the final piece in the puzzle of where to go next…you are a guiding light! Blessings XXX Colette

  5. Wonderful Colette , Can not wait until September , very excited. You know I believe when we are born we are given a path to follow, and this beautiful path that you are following now is meant for you. Happy writing and happy searching. Blessings xxx

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