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Summer is playing hide and seek…

Cold in June?

Yes! Bloody cold enough for the woolies to be brought out from hibernation under the bed! The west of Ireland is cold and windy and the stove is lit and I have a shawl around my shoulders as I type! Truly!

despite the weather the strawberries continue to give out the lushest of fruit, to be picked at and gorged upon each time I pass through the veranda.
I deliberately don’t buy imported fruit or stuff out of season as it makes summer all the more welcome!

the cold weather, the Valerian makes its joyous display of pink, again, from nothing more than limestone gravel!

Yes…this is the true Geranium! The one you are probably thinking of is actually Perlagonium. Anyway, it is rather beautiful as well as being a perennial!


  1. ~You too love! and I will post a pic once it is done..I am working on a sideboard too…or Tallbuoy as they are known. Love your letter..go for it love…we the folk of the world “not the “governments have to realise we have the “power” to have a world we want to live in..because we sure cannot count on them!!! Blessed Be..S
    Keep sending the good energy Susan…we’re going to need it for sure…it’s going to be a BIG fight!
    Blessings and Best Wishes, Colette

    • ~Woman Warriors to the fore lol!!!

      The War on Women…it really is Women at War, but for a real cause…Mother Earth and all who sail in her!
      Blessings, Colette

  2. ~Hi Colette!! We are getting this cold spell too…something is amiss…its summer or supposed to be so lovely and green and masses of flowers in my garden still it is cold and cloudy…have to put on wooly cardigans long sleeved..too. I hate to say it but are we going into a minny ice age once again? Take care of yourself love and light Susan~
    Good to hear from you, Susan! Yes indeed, something is amiss with the climate. It is worrying as I am hearing the same story over and over again, especially on Twitter. What will happen I do not know! Time will tell!
    Best Wishes, Colette

    • Time will tell love..hope you had a good visit from Dylan…today is nice here..enjoying it while we can.. I do not like the situation in the States..with the debt owed. Something will have to give there. I love your garden it is really beautiful…and I love your thinking too. If, only we all thought this way. …Doing some renovating with an old table that was covered in 3 lathers of paint , sanding it down..and bringing back to life…Hope one day to taste your home made wine..have a great week-end..love and light S
      Hi Susan, You’re right there, time will tell! It was really good to have Dylan to stay and he fixed a few things during his visit too…typical Dylan!
      It’s great working with old furniture and renovating it and really worthwhile too! is it a kitchen table or something smaller?
      I’ll make sure I keep a bottle of the best for you Susan!
      Best Wishes, Colette x

      • ~Its a small table I use in my spare bedroom…it had two layers of paint on it a old pink and brown, Ted’s Mum bless her put on donkeys years ago…so I am sanding the top as it is solid wood and bringing its former glory back with shelac and stain..the drawers too but the legs I want to black lacquer paint ..it will be quite a contrast..but going with my intuition here..Mmmmm the wine sounds good love..take care another week coming up..love and light `
        It’s lovely to hear of furniture with a known history…filled with good energy and love! Post me a pic when you have it finished.
        Have a good week Susan,
        Blessings, Colette

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