Photos from a Permaculture Smallholding

Lavender drying on the back door of my cottage

Certainly one way of keeping the flies out of the cottage here at Bealtaine!

A permaculture floor, using waste tile fragments…Bealtaine Cottage.

Growing lettuce in a tyre at the start of the Bealtaine Project…

Missy in her wild and inquisitive youth!

Dawn at Bealtaine Cottage

The moon over Bealtaine.

Close planting here means no weeds, no chemicals and a permaculture lushness that is at the centre of life here at Bealtaine.


    • Thanks! Just start planting…now is a good time to plant pot grown trees. The first thing I did when I started 8 years ago was establish a corner as a Nursery for plants, cuttings, seedlings etc. It’s a good place to start and learn.

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