Compost…here’s how I make it, easy, simple!

Reasons to make compost…

A fine way to use kitchen waste.

Feed the soil, not the plant.

Live a cyclical life…keep things going round!

It makes great potting on compost.

Potatoes grow effortlessly in it!

A short video on how to make the easiest compost ever…

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12 years Goddess-inspired Permaculture at Bealtaine Cottage, West of Ireland...drop in, power up!

3 thoughts on “Compost…here’s how I make it, easy, simple!

  1. So simple so easy, I am amazed that not everyone makes compost. Here we have green bin recycling. The council will take garden waste, which you pay them to do, they compost it, then, if you want, you can buy it from them! What about the added ‘compost miles’ and the chemicals etc that some people will use on their garden.
    I would much rather do it myself.
    Thanks for sharing lovely peaceful video, the birds sounded lovely.


    1. I have this belief that most everything in life is very simple…but has been made complex as a way of dis-empowering people. Those awakening see this truth and change their lives. Trust Nature and intuition, not government or corporation.


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