Free From The Bank…Permaculture Plants, The Growing Investment!

It’s rare to get anything from a bank these days.

Investments and savings are accepted, while little is offered to customers!

However, my local bank, in Carrick-on-Shannon, provided me with one of the best growing investments I have ever had…and one that continues to grow and spread rampantly…Valerian.

To be honest, I stole them!

Now that’s a confession I should not be making, but in this case, as the seeds did not belong to Monsanto, I felt it was my duty to snap them off and spread them as generously as I could, all around Bealtaine Cottage.

Anyway, six or so years later, the seeds continue to spread, of their own volition and infest the gravel with delight, for me and the Bees!

Here they are…Click on the link to see the best investment anyone can make…investing in Nature and the environment…


  1. Beautiful, your video has refreshed my soul, a long hard day yesterday finishing in the wee small hours followed by a restless night. I watched your video when I woke, I am going to my garden now. Next job find some valerian seed. Thanks for sharing your ‘people care’

    • That makes me feel really appreciated…thank you so much! The Valerian is such an abundant and lavish plant, throwing herself about in all directions and one of my favourites…enjoy your garden and take refreshment from the great Mother Earth

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