Garden design using white-washed stones.

It is standard permaculture practice to use whatever is to hand when constructing features in the garden.

I happen to live in a part of West Ireland where there is a surplus of stone…in fact there is stone just about everywhere.

This is a very rocky part of Ireland and is in fact very beautiful for it.

However, when making a small garden, and in this case it was one by the entrance to the cottage near the public road, then it made perfect sense to collect up some stones and white-wash them.

That way the edges are marked out well for passing cars to note and stay clear from!

I used a traditional lime mixed with water and left to sour for a few days.

This is a very cheap and easy way to create an effective white paint and as it washes down into the soil over the course of time it actually benefits the plants growing there!

The cost of making this little garden was almost zero…about one euro in total!

Here’s how it looks…click on the link to view today’s video diary from Bealtaine Cottage…


  1. Hi Bealtaine Cottage. I throughly enjoy your posts, but do miss the pics that were once included previously. I don’t have much time to catch youtube and the pics captured it perfectly for me. Anyway, love your posts and blogs, thanks for sharing

    • In order to have more pictures posted on my blog I will have to pay for space…I could delete older posts to make way for them, what do you think? Maybe I should take a poll on the next blog…
      Anyway, glad you’re enjoying the blog!

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