Beds of Abundance in a Permaculture Garden

Missy manages to climb to the top of the barn and nestle herself into the barley straw…high enough to keep a watchful eye on all!

This is one girl who takes no prisoners…just look at that expression!

A good sprinkling of lettuce seeds and within a few weeks there is more than enough to harvest for weeks to come.

Most people can manage to be self-sufficient in salad for at least half the year!

This is a potager style bed, with Lavender and Thyme nearby.

There are several varieties of lettuce here, in amongst the Nasturtium and Borage.

Sedum and Poppies continue to push their way up through the compost!

Moving compost from last year’s heap over to the new raised vegetable bed today.

A bed of abundance outside the tunnel today.

And here’s the new raised vegetable bed…coming along…


  1. In Permaculture when they talk about zones, zone 1 is always good to have the vegetable patches closeby to the house. Also the lemon tree if you have one! I need to sow more lettuce in a new vegetable patch at the north end of the house. I have already prepared it with lots of horse/donkey manure, newspaper and then mulch which I left settle for a few weeks now. I dug in some garlic the other day, so should be ready to harvest in Oct / Nov. I netted it so the possums and the dog dont do running over it! The lettuce will be planted next to it. Thanks for sharing your garden.

    • That’s right! Zone i should have all the stuff in it that you need to access every day! Your vegetable patch sounds really healthy and promises a good crop…good luck with that! Home-grown fruit and vegetables are the best!

  2. It’s all looking good!
    For rsome reason I always thought ginger cats were exclusively males, so I obviously got my wires mixed up on that one! But Missy certainly looks like she rules the roost from up on high 🙂

    • Missy was a feral cat…well, her mother certainly was and she was killed on the road near Sligo. Missy was the remaining kitten who survived and was coaxed out from under the hedge by a old gentleman…it’s a long story, but she was re-homed here, at Bealtaine…she is her own cat! The Vet was equally surprised to find her female as he said most gingers were male…she is affectionately know as ” Pumpkin Mouser,”…don’t ask me! 🙂

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