The Power Within Us…

Voting is not something we do every so many years to change the world around us.

Nothing much changes.

We continue to live in a state of unhappiness with the apparent status quo.

All that is power seeks to continually remind us of our lack of power….but, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Dis-empowerment is something we can choose whether or no to embrace.

We can  be victims or not.

We can refuse to acknowledge, becoming what we are meant to be…free human beings on a sacred journey.

Or, we can vote with our wallets, every time we consume, every day, every week of every year of our lives!

All those special bargains on shelves have their origin in factorized food, bland and impoverished products of the systematic destruction of Mother Nature.

Each individual purchase fuels that destruction!

Do we support corporations we loathe?

If so, why?

How often do we take the time to realise the power we actually have?

The power of the flickering flame draws the mind into other-world realms, the land where all is possible and hope is eternal.

There is a rhythm to the land that dictates how we should live.

People working away from home should take more time to communicate with fellow workers, share tea, coffee, bring cakes into work to share.

It is in the act of sharing that we are one.

The winter is time to come together.

Have you ever spent a whole evening in candlelight?

If you have then you will understand…if not then look forward to doing just that.

It will illuminate a whole new world for you…imagination!

One of the most delightful aspects of Winter and the ensuing darkness is the magic that is light, especially candlelight.

I prefer this gentle form of lighting to anything else!

Glowing, flickering, delicate light that warms the air and beckons the soul, it is quite magical.

There was a saying here in the west of Ireland during the 1950′s when electric light was finally wired into the homes of rural communities…’the light that drove away the fairies!’

Consider the meaning of that realization: electric light diminishes the imagination, illuminating all areas but those of the spirit…is that why candles are continually lit in places of worship?


  1. Happy new year Collette. I came across your blog whilst searching for info about permaculture. It’s been absolutely inspirational. I live in London but also schooled in galway in my younger years. The rugged nature there is amazing as is your work. Best wishes to you and yours.

  2. Now we move into the dark with the beginning of this year, So appropriate that all beginnings are begun in a dark time. A little gray day presents itself for the closing of my garden and the putting a way of garden stakes and such. Snow is felt in the air and a few flakes fell yet I have little hope that to day will bring the wonder of that white cover. Many blessed wishes to all for the new year.

  3. Happy New Year to all at Bealtaine Cottage! Thank you for all your blogs and videos this past year. It has been a blessing to see how Bealtaine has continued to prosper. In the world I live in (United States) elections are next week. In the past I would have voted for the lesser of two evils,but I chose to vote my conscience. I see the stand you have taken for the Earth and it has helped me to see that compromise is no choice when what is at stake is so important.

    • More power to you Sharleen.
      The future is what we make today to be.
      Words and rhetoric are fine but it is action which links together the good in our world.
      More power to you and all like you!

  4. Beautifully said Collette. I agree that candlelight is magical and so warm. There is nothing like sitting by a fire on a cold night with candles flickering in the dark. Peace. Patti

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