After Sandy…Humanity and the Kindness of Strangers

There are millions of American people without power.

Candles are now a luxury item.

Temperatures are plummeting.

Whole neighbourhoods are in darkness.

People are in real crisis and all the result of one storm, albeit a “super-storm.”

Many of those trying to make it through to normalcy are describing their situation, and that of others, as being like a “war-zone!”

We are but a few meals away from starvation, when it comes to the havoc being wreaked by Mother Nature.

The media and governments remind us continually that this was just a freak storm, a “once in a 100 years event!”

If that is the case then Ireland has suffered several freak weather events in the recent years…as “freak,” becomes “normal!”

Look back over recent years and recall just how many freak events in weather have taken place…

For several years we have had unusually heavy snow and frost in a land where the Gulf stream assures us mild and temperate weather all the year around.

The Earth is not in a happy state.

There are many ways in which we can help ourselves and the planet we inhabit.

The first one would have to be simply accepting that all is change and adapting to circumstances now beyond our control is the best we can do.

New Yorkers and people living on the East Coast of America are having to do just that.

There are signs of hope and support out there, as people come together and help each other.

NYPD have reported that in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, crime has dropped by 87% against the same time last year.

People are cooking communally and reaching out to others, sharing and caring, with and for each other.

In times of distress and hardship, humanity is rediscovering their immense ability to love…rediscovering community and friendship.

Humanity rediscovers itself in a time of crisis.

We are all one.

Our prayers and blessings are with all those who suffer, whether in war, conflict, climate chaos or bereavement…we are one.


  1. Beautifully said Colette. Sad to say, but maybe we humans need a few more “freak” events to help us remember the important things.

  2. Change is the only constant. Tho this is fact, I often find it hard when the change is so big and destructive. That said, what a gift to find connection in the face of struggle. Many blessed moments to those in the wake of Sandy and energy for the ongoing of there lives. I have a friend who is a rescue volunteer working the aftermath of Sandy. May she also be well and safe.

  3. I too felt warmed by ccm989’s story and am glad that she and her family are doing ok
    It’s made my heart ache to hear of those affected by the storm. It is though encouraging to hear that climate change is now being taken more seriously.

    Lady Bealtaine your blog is a blessing and your garden is the most beautiful i have ever seen.

    warmest autumn light to all xx

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  5. I live down at the Jersey Shore. We were super LUCKY and survived Hurricane Sandy without too much loss. We were pretty prepared with a genny, gas, etc. Still many others were not so lucky. Power went back on Sunday morning at 3 am (we all woke up and CHEERED). Whole area is a WRECK. Local marinas/harbors are destroyed, boardwalks are piles of lumber, beach clubs are gone, many houses flattened. Rumors of people missing and dragged out to sea are rampant. Most schools will be closed for weeks. However, New Jersey will pull through.

    I am very impressed with the level of cooperation at the Fed, State and Local levels. President Obama sent in the National Guard, he came personally to see what happened and responded instantly to our many, many needs, Christie is working to get the power on and gas stations open (mile long lines to refill your gas can is not fun), shelters opened to house the displaced, grocery stores opening with no power but you were allowed in one-at-time to get “dry goods”, etc. Spent Sat morning cleaning out old clothes from our closets to give to the people who lost everything!

    Have been entertaining many friends & family this week. We served a lot of warm, comfort food and kept a roaring fire going every night (cause it was cold)! It kept everyone’s spirits up and we actually had a lot of fun despite the terrible situation. Life is what you make of it and having good friends/family REALLY makes the difference. God bless you all and keep the faith — I’ve learned that many, many people are looking out for all of us.

    • Thank you for sharing your heart-warming story.
      You are right in what you say about making the most of the situation that faces you all…that is a great spirit that most people are endowed with and difficult times as you face brings out the real heroes in people…Heroes of kindness and courage, heroes of compassion and strength.
      More power to you all.
      Blessings to those who share and care…true wealth is immeasurable!
      Bless you and yours X

  6. As terrible as Sandy’s destruction was, and my heart goes out to those who are suffering, it seems to have been a bit of a wake up call. The term “climate change” has actually been uttered by the mainstream media in the past few days. Perhaps people will begin to take notice of what is happening. Perhaps more will demand change from governments or at least in their own lives.
    Beautiful post as always Collette. Thank you. Patti

    • I do feel very optimistic for us as a species on this beautiful planet. People are, in essence, good and caring. We are beset with impoverished minds and ignorant leadership.

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