Me, You and the EU!


Missy Cat sleeps on the bed at Bealtaine CottageThe EU are trying to ban Heritage Seeds!

Bealtaine Cottage SeedsThere is a new regulation in the making as I type that will ban, yes, BAN, all old and rare varieties of seeds.

Bealtaine Cottage VerandaNot only ban these seeds of biodiversity and extreme importance to the health of the land and Nature, but will, in effect, threaten the exchange of seeds as I have been doing over recent months.

Old church pew at Bealtaine Cottage PermacultureThis ban will also prevent seeds of diversity from being sold!

So, the EU wants us all to bow down before Monsanto?

Well, I for one, will not!

Bealtaine Cottage Seeds from David in the USThe EU should be banning this monster called Monsanto and all the seeds of death it produces, not our seed heritage, nurtured and passed onto us by our grandparents!

Bealtaine Cottage standing stone in permaculture gardens“Monsanto’s GMO seed is neither ecological nor economic or socially sustainable. It is eco–cide and genocide.” ~ Dr Vandana Shiva

Bealtaine Cottage thinning trees“The courage to say no to unjust law…the law that says a farmer cannot save seed!” ~ Dr Vandana Shiva

Bealtaine Cottage potage beds in the permaculture gardensThere was another great Indian leader called Gandhi and what he had to say resonates very much with me today…and I shall heed his advice!

As Gandhi taught us, the most important assets we have are self governance, self sustaining agriculture and ability to speak truth to power!

I will not comply!

Will you?


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  1. Just seen this on Facebook from Jekka’s Herb Farm (UK):
    “Ok just found out that this EU Legislation is much larger than I imagined it as this legislation does not just apply to seed, it applies to any propagated material (plants, bulbs, microprop. flasks etc.) and theoretically applies to all plants (not just for agricultural or commercial purposes). On the face of it, this is a serious threat to UK horticulture as with over 70k plants in the ornamental sector, all of these would need to be registered! So all you societies Alpine, Camellia, Rhodo, Herbaceous, Vegetable, Fuschias, Daffodils, Tulips, Herbs etc please please be aware and get signing.”

    • I have read through the 148 Articles and 98 pages of “Law Language” intended by the EU to hide the agenda…and have re-read it all several times! I can say this, quite definitely, there is an agenda and that agenda is most insidious and militates against us all! Each word used in the legislation is defined, such as in Article 3 (3), “market” and Article 3 (4), “operator”… As for “plant material” this also includes herbs one may want to post, as I do, from Bealtaine Cottage. That is why, the only response, as I see it, is, “We Will Not Comply!”
      Colette X

  2. Unfortunately we only have until the 6th of May to make our voices heard, the the EU will go ahead. As well as saving our own seeds and sharing we must sign up to Seed Savers in Co. Claire.

  3. This is mortifying, honestly. How can I go about ordering some of your precious seeds to plant and keep alive over in the US? There’s no way this can be controlled without our own home gardens and on our own property, we can simply keep these seeds alive and share them.

    Please let me know how I can purchase some seeds. I’ve donated before, recently in fact, but I still want to offer compensation for them as they are, obviously, quite precious and priceless, even.

  4. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Just in case people think only Americans are stupid or crazy enough to bow before the Monsanto Beast: heads up! With legislation like this in the works, it’s no longer conspiracy *theory* that genetically engineered food companies intend to control any and all seeds, and thus any and all food on this planet. I’m not reblogging this post as a scare tactic, but as a warning to everyone:

    Buy organic heirloom seeds now, while you still can. Learn how to save your own seeds now, while you can still get organic and heirloom plants started so they eventually go to seed. Colette writes a nice post about the power of non-compliance, and includes a link to a petition if you still feel inclined towards such actions. More important than petitions, imo, is the gathering and storing of seeds, which are cheap now, but truly more valuable than gold.

    • I’m in total agreement with what you say, Laura…save seed! I have been saying this for several years now and never thought the takeover would happen this fast! We really need to mobilize!

      • Absolutely … LOL, I just Freudian typo’d that as Absoulutely! Things are happening really, really fast in the US right now. Trainings for Martial Law in major cities, plus a very successful dry run in Boston after the Marathon shenanigans. CISPA passed for total internet censorship, Monsanto Protection Act passed so that Monsanto crops can still be planted even if a Judge rules them as not proven safe … Every day there’s some new atrocity rearing its ugly head here. The thing is, we all need to eat, and if we want to have a planet that we can live on when all this insanity is over, then it’s up to us to save seed and nurture the Earth. Now. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but yeah, things have definitely moved into very high gear.

        Blessings and thanks for all you do!

        • Laura, it is frightening, but there is no room for fear as we have too much to do…many women understand that concept, Lol!
          As for not complying…I take this from Gandhi, simply and calmly saying “no”…shove it, I won’t and you can’t make me because I am not fearful, I am angry! Anger is my fuel and being an Irish Celt, anger makes me immovable.
          So, I will not comply!

          • I love the Irish Celts! I have a lot of Irish and Welsh in me, too. Thank you, thank you … the Irish, Indians and Icelanders are leading the way right now ….

  5. i for one will not comply with this, it is beyond belief that this could be the way of the future – indeed there will be no future for mankind if we blithely follow this path.
    i am a huge follower of vandana shiva who has seen this on the horizon for a very long time- as you have been saying col recently now is the time to make a huge stand against this madness!
    i will do all that i can….
    much love x

  6. I for one will not comply either. There was a recent posting on Wikileaks, I think by Jeffrey Smith the author of “Seeds of Deception”, which revealed that Monsanto lobbied the US government to bully the EU into accepting GMOs and arranging seed bans as you discuss. Which is exactly what Bayer and other companies are doing right at this moment with regards to pesticides – arguing that THEY and their products are not responsible for declining bees – it is the farmers’ fault as they are not using the pesticides properly!!!

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