The Moon of Samhain 028Leaves are changing the trees and shrubs into their vivid autumn attire.

Spiders are scurrying to and fro, spinning webs and catching food.

Berries hang in abundance on shrubs and trees.

Samhain waits in the wings.

The season makes progress towards “Summers’ End.” 015My friend, Marion has delivered some logs to me as a gift…a true and thoughtful friend indeed! 018Rain has fallen for some days now and the ground is saturated. 034However, Jack must be walked…Walking in the rain is therapeutic and quite humbling, reminding me of the blessings of warmth and comfort in the cottage and the fortune of friendship. 002Last night the moon was full and powerfully bright, illuminating the landscape and the sheep, on the hill behind the cottage. 005I love this time of year, my birthday month…a celebration on the 29th, a Scorpio for sure! 012I am driven by passions and am of the Earth…at times a great strength and others my downfall, though little I care!

Scorpio women rarely cast a glance over their shoulder… 011I am blessed in that I love the Earth and her seasons, an endless wardrobe of colours and textures and scents! 008And even here, in my workroom, I can watch her on the stage, through my window. 009The lunar cycle is almost complete, the moon of Samhain is next on stage.




  1. This is a Samhain chant, best sung as a round:
    Spirits of green, spirits of yellow,
    Spirits of red, cauldron and bellows–
    Spirits of brown fall to the ground;
    Leaves gone flying, whirling and dying…

    Bless you in all your work, Lady.

    Blessed Be,

  2. October is indeed a lovely month with the most beautiful skies and such warmth in the trees. I have a Scorpio son, due to be born on Samhain but arrived just after, he is a sweet and magical soul.
    I wish you much happiness through this season, most particularly on your special day.
    My daughter told me today that she feels hopeful and excited this month without knowing why. I too feel there is something in the air but know not what.
    We could not see the moon due to thick cloud (and even rumbles of thunder), but I remember how amazing she has been in her fullness on previous Octobers/Novembers. It was so on the night my son was born.

    Warmest blessings xx

    p.s. I love the view through the window on the 8th photo down. Beautiful!

    • Bless you Cicely…as always, thoughtful and mindful words.
      Something is afoot. The energy vibration of the Earth is rising and that is confirmed in recorded observations. As this energy rises, change in our own energy rises too for we are deeply connected. Yes, something is happening and I am very optimistic.
      Blessings to you and all you love
      Colette X

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