Reconciliation 015The natural world is all around us.

The order of the Universe and the Laws of Creation bind us all. 056For too long now, we have ignored what we are surrounded by, and what, in essence, we rely totally upon. 015We are as much a part of the natural world, as the trees and bees that support us, in air and food. 030Perhaps it is just that we have come to realize this tender link…that current lifestyles are not only destroying our natural world, but are, in effect, destroying us.

That realization is late in coming, but, not too late…it is never too late! 003And so, as in all great wars, what follows is reconciliation.

Understanding how to share, is an essential part of reconciliation.

Making amends as best we can.

open weekend bunting by the gateUnderstanding how to support what supports us.

candle_004_reasonably_smallNurturing life instead of celebrating death…

I am reminded of pictures I have seen on the web recently, of smiling, celebratory faces, hovering over the dead and bloodied body of a magnificent animal…an elephant.

Just one of many!

bealtaine poster moonThe mindset of destruction, of triumphalism over Mother Nature and the natural world…this must be shriven if we are to survive as a species on this planet.

Reconciliation begins with acknowledgement.

Berries on the HawthornAcknowledgement it is possible to have a terrible darkness within us, that rejoices in destruction.

Hell is not a place apart.

We carry Hell, or not…our choice!

Sunset in the window of Bealtaine CottageYears ago, I watched, as a young man pulled the legs off a dragonfly.

It was with sadness, but no surprise, to learn, that he later took to abusing alcohol and met an early death.

I don’t think his parents ever really thought about what he did to the dragonfly that day, as we all sat around at that picnic gathering.

Nor am I saying that this is the end product of such cruelty.


Pond in May at Bealtaine CottageIt is that we must rediscover our connection to, and respect of, Mother Nature.


For Mother Nature is, in fact, Mother Nurture…we rest in her arms.

All life is sacred.

When we abuse that sacredness, we create Hell.


  1. How refreshing to sit for a quiet moment in the day with a rich coffee and French crueler and read your post. Your soothing words cite a warning and still unleash beauty in the world. Thanks. Sue

  2. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    Wise words from Colette at Bealtaine Cottage … it’s not just our minds and intentions but also our ACTIONS that create heaven or hell on Earth. I love her ideas of the need for reconciliation, because whether or not most people recognize it, humanity HAS been at war with Nature for a long, long time. We need healing and reconciliation in order to find survival and a lasting peace. As the Hopi say, “This could be a good time!” I feel this and experience it as such. Do you? If not, it may be time for a little heart to heart with Mother Nature and some Ho’oponopono with our natural world.

  3. Well said and written…. It is sad but we have gone way off the good track…. The good news is that you are among the many that are starting to wake up and try to reach others with the truth of the matter and the remedy. God speed.


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