A Year at Bealtaine Cottage…

Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Not in any particular order…pictures of the year that was…

Stanley stove at Bealtaine CottageWith the oven hot enough to bake a cake…my beloved Stanley Stove in the kitchen…

view morning 001Early morning mist sweeps up the valley…

Plum tree at bealtaine cottage permacultureOne of the Plum Trees laden with fruit…

 Bealtaine Cottage moon rising over the permaculture gardensThe moon rising over the gardens…

mon 27 sep 001Salix Contorta, or Twisted Willow, with Hag-Stones hanging from one of its branches.

Nasturtiums at bealtaine Cottage1Nasturtiums by the veranda.

November 2011 018Back of Bealtaine, near the main production gardens.

November Bealtaine Cottage permaculture pondThe lower pond in the Bog Garden.

December 2011 permaculture cottage 005My darling Missy…gone from this mortal coil, but her energy is felt…

Bealtaine CottageFiring up the Rocket Stove with a bit of an old fence post…wicked heat!

Apple trees in April in the permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageEarly Spring in the gardens near the tunnel.

washing on the line at Bealtaine CottageWashing in the wind!

Easiest ever compost at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensHome made compost.

Apple trees in blossom at Bealtaine Cottage permaculture orchardApple blossom…a great apple harvest every year without fail!

Permaculture Tunnel at bealtaine CottageThe tunnel in May…seedlings in pots and trays everywhere!

Permaculture Edible gardens of Bealtaine CottageProductive gardens, around the tunnel and herb beds, in May

Hen House at Bealtaine Cottage Permaculture GardensThe Hen house…I will definitely get some more hens in 2014!

Hens at Bealtaine CottageI miss the girls…hens are very relaxing to watch.

Under the kitchen windowBluebells under the kitchen window…I shall post some more tomorrow

Happy New Year to you all XXX and Blessings from Bealtaine.


  1. The photos of your gardens are so inspiring and I am prodded to do more in my own beds. I have enjoyed the Yule booklet and hope for another perhaps with illustrations for making the baskets or the trellis formed around the tire. On the photo of the Twisted Willow-what are hag stones? Wishing you a creative and prosperous New Year. Harriet in the southern US.

    • I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the booklet and am working on the next…great feedback on ideas to add to it, thanks!
      Hagstones are stones with holes in them that can be hung up. Their purpose can be varied, depending on what one reads or is told, but I use them primarily to train branches on trees to grow a certain way…and they do look lovely!
      Happy New Year X
      Blessings XXX

  2. So glad I your blog found me this year. It always manages to get me thinking or feeling on one level or another.

    Do you have anywhere where you could trial these wonders of the fruit world?

    Found them today in this video on permaculturenews.org so apologies if you have seen it already. If you haven’t then they are well worth a watch. for 2014 I’m aiming to track down a few varieties of bush fruits and nuts from the Victorian era and see how well they perform compared to their modern relatives.


  3. Hi folks, I’m enjoying your posts, I’m a big tryer of growing my own And we had our own parsnips and turnip on Christmas day. Working hard at clearing more space and briers to get another raised bed in. Like yourself we have our chicken friends too. Loved the pics especially the Stanley stove, it takes me back a few years when my Mum had one in her kitchen and did all the cooking on it and it heated the house, but oil heating took over and there never was the same heat in the house after that. Keep up the good work, it’s not easy but the rewards are made all the sweeter by the struggle. Happy new year. David.

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  4. Beautiful photo’s as usual. Thank you for sharing Bealtaine cottage with us. Keeping us all informed and giving us inspiration and hope. Happy New Year to you and your family.

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