The Memory of Eden

July permaculture 2011 010What is it that makes so many farmers and gardeners want to burn vegetative material?
The same happens here in Ireland, a country with the lowest tree cover in all of Europe!
This is essential for building soil, in fact is the only thing apart from erosion of rock, that actually gives us soil.
Permaculture Cottage July 2011 007Our connection to the soil is vital, for it gives us our food.
apple trees at Bealtaine Permaculture Cottage July 2011 011Those who fail to make that connection are doomed to starvation and loss of habitat.
July 2011 permaculture Cottage 004Loss of habitat means certain death.
Is this what is happening all over the Earth right now?
It appears to be so.
July 2011 permaculture cottage 018Earth is not a thing we live upon, but Gaia, as described by James Lovelock.
July 2011 permaculture cottage 005Gaia is affected by everything we do, every breath we take, every loving or hateful action we do to her. 001The collective consciousness we inhabit is being infused by her cries…there are those who are evolved enough to hear and respond, and those who willfully lock themselves out from the trauma our planet is enduring.
September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 020The latter will have to watch their step for Mother earth is angry and will not abide!
September 2011 Permaculture Cottage 017I believe that we are each a part of the Divine Consciousness and dependent on every other living thing.
Permaculture Cottage ...September 2011 008I see this grasp of understanding, manifesting in so many people now, that it really lifts my heart!
There is a fusion happening.
October 2011 permaculture Cottage 010This fusion is bringing us all together with all life, every last atom of it!
May 2011 bealtaine cottage 002For those who embrace this, there is a sense of pure joy bestowed upon us by that Consciousness.
May 2011 Bealtaine 036For those who continue on the path of hate and spite, dominance and abuse, there can only be fear and a deep dark corner of a dying planet.
May 2011 Bealtaine 005The atoms we carry within us were once part of the Milky Way, of stars long since vanished back into the Divine Consciousness.
We carry Eden within us.
Bealtaine Cottage is also on YouTube…with over 110 videos about Permaculture, planting, growing and living.There are almost 700 blogs in the archives on this site.I write, photograph and film, in a small way, to give a voice to Mother Earth.


  1. So true every word, and so beautifully said. There is hope, every new growing season brings new hope and makes us joyful to be alive and growing and connecting with the earth, with Gaia.

  2. a wry smile from here in the US, where the war of the leaves goes on every fall. The leaf blowers come out and if the noise is not enough, all the leaves are burnt, or bagged and hauled off to dumps. My husband and I go out at night in our very old jeep wrangler, and ‘repurpose’ as many bags as we can, stuffing the jeep to overflowing, dropping them off at home and going out for more. It has become something of an adventure for us, this leaf gathering! The dogs don’t bark; they know that it is something good. We add beds, mulch the bamboo, and add them to the compost. We are restoring a 1960’s faery garden in a house that was nearly condemned. Our neighbors wonder and ask, and I usually just whisper that there seems to be a little magic in the air! Blessings to you always…and thank you for the wonderful blog!

    • What a wonderful story…I can relate to this completely, for it is what I too would do! Thanks for sharing that with everyone…perhaps more will think this way too!
      Blessings XXX

  3. I strongly agree with what you say about out Earth and in particular trees. It’s difficult not to think about the damage being caused really. If damage was to be done it should at least be rectified in another way. Every little bit we do helps :).

    I’ll have to come to visit your cottage some day. The place looks very colourful. My favourite image today is of the hens, my mother used to have those on her home farm so it would be nice to bring home some photos of them. I’l have to take a trip into a forest to take some snaps for my blog too! 🙂 Tommy

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