Abundant Harvest at Bealtaine Cottage…seeing is believing!

Despite the problems with weather and lack of sunshine, this  is turning out to be one of the best years on record for the harvest at Bealtaine Cottage.

Continual adaptation to climate change is paying off, as the Potager Beds have excelled themselves in little over ten weeks since construction and planting.

Designed and built in the truly vernacular style, using stone sourced on site, these beds have been a blessing in production and style.

Blessed with continual warmth and shelter at the back of the cottage, the plants have excelled themselves, doing better than those planted in the tunnel!

Bees and, blessed be, Butterflies are all in abundance too, a sight to behold!

The Apple harvest is the best ever, as these trees have brought apples to my table every year since planting.

I have been out this morning and made a video for you to see for yourselves…it is amazing.

Oh, and as a joyous footnote…the Bats are back at Bealtaine Cottage…small and few, I suspect a new colony, but it is a stunning sight to watch at dusk!

Today’s video…just click on the link!



  1. Hi !
    I’m very interesting by your experience and love to follow your blog.
    We are living in Brittany (France) and have lots of rain, especially this year and no more sun… I like to see that permaculture allow abundance in this particular context 🙂 After several months of study on permaculture, next year we will apply some points of the method.
    It’s nice to read you.

    • Welcome to Bealtaine Cottage!
      Climate change is affecting everyone on the planet and permaculture offers many solutions to the problems of weather excesses.
      I’m glad this blog can be helpful for you.
      Bright blessings,

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