Eight Ways To Live a Better Life

This is not a check-list.

It is not about ways to recycle or buy greener energy.

There is enough advice out there for you to check out.

Lists are good for remembering things in a hurry and ensuring everything is done, completed, bought…

This is simpler and permanent.

It is what I have learned about living as lightly as possible on this beautiful Earth.

These small bits of advice are not in any particular order, but as I think of them and how they have made a difference to my life…

*** Re-claim and nurture knowledge.

Talk with older, wiser people.

Keep a notebook of knowledge.

Bealtaine Cottage May 2012 013

I have tapes I recorded of my grandmother talking to me about her life and feelings on so many different and intriguing things.

I talked lots with my mother,  pictured above at Bealtaine Cottage.

Mum learned from me too…we exchanged ideas a lot.

Staying at Bealtaine enabled Mum to develop her love for Earth too.

***Develop a close and binding relationship with Mother Earth, through a closer contact with Nature.

www.bealtaine cottage.com

We are of the Earth and we will return to the Earth and are as much a part of the cycle of life as the seasons.

***Turn off the television, or even get rid of it, and nurture silence, peace, communicating, reading, listening…for all these will allow YOU to live instead of living life through a screen.

***Sow and plant food, flowers, trees…whatever your space allows and if space is limited, rent an allotment.

If allotments are in short supply or non-existent, pester your local council to provide them!

***Re-learn to love food!

Cooking, baking, tasting, canning, making wine and cordials, sharing…food is the one part of living everyone shares.

It is a great common denominator.

Food brings people together…it certainly used to!

Home made wine in demijohnsBealtaine Cottage Permaculture

Banish TV dinners!

Decorate your dining table, no matter how small, with a vase of seasonal greenery.

Use table mats and fine crockery for the beautiful food you make.

Xmas eve Dec 11 001

Light a candle on your table…celebrate the fruits of the Earth and reject the poisonous, tasteless garbage of the corporation!

***Practice kindness.

Kindness towards others and oneself.

I love the concept of “Random Acts of Kindness.”

***Our grandparents used their acquired skills to make their living environments easier and more beautiful…sewing, carpentry, kitting, painting…whatever you are good at, keep at it and teach others!

I have recently learnt to make willow baskets and will be able to pass this skill on.

***De-clutter your life!

This is a mantra I say to myself.

Less really is more.



  1. Thank you Colette. I personally need you and your words in my life. This desert place was so bleak and broken before we began the Pc regeneration process. Four years of intense ‘design’ focus to; rebuild soil, plant trees, perennials, annuals, and repair/improve the infrastructure. Sometimes we laugh about the realization “oh yeah this will actually provide food” – so we are a bit behind you in terms of timing. When I can plug in and see where you are now I can have the feeling that Yes I am working with Nature and her beings and we are all in this together, the hard work comes first and gradually morphs into a symphony of abundance. Your blog helps remind me where I can get to as the design progresses.

    • I will celebrate my 60th year with the Great Mother this Thursday. I feel honoured to have been allowed this precious time with Her. May we all continue to protect and nurture Mother Earth as long as we draw breath. Blessings XXX

  2. Thank you for sharing such good advice for a life of contentment and happiness. Especially your thoughts on enjoying the oral history and traditions passed from our loved ones. I dearly love the photo of your sweet Mom. The memory of her presence immortalized in your beautiful blog. She’s there with you always.

  3. Lovely advice! I am teaching Emerson’s “Nature” this week and several of these ideas have shown up as virtues! Blessings!

  4. Lovely advice… I am teaching Emerson this week and we have discussed several of these as “virtues” he mentions in “Nature.” Blessings!

  5. I find all this to be so true. And I have not seen the BBC version of pride and prejudice. I may have to check it out. I love that story!

  6. Wise words to live by…..but the televison stays! Vewed selectively it can provide quality arts, news and current affairs programmes. Loved the picture of ‘Zen Missy’ looking perfectly composed and centered on the table mat!

    • Yes, Missy is, as always, composed…ready for the next delicacy!
      I source all the good stuff on YouTube.
      I watched all episodes of the 1995 BBC production of “Pride and Prejudice,” recently!
      Excellent documentaries too, some of which are not to be seen on mainstream media.

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