Transition Town Sligo, Monsanto and No 2 GM

March against Monsanto, Sligo

On Saturday, as part of the “March Against Monsanto,” campaign held worldwide, I attended a public meeting to raise awareness about Monsanto,and the many issues surrounding GM foods.

march against Monsanto, IrelandJohn Brennan,a long time anti-GM campaigner,and a member of NO 2 GM,an anti GM organisation,, was the speaker at this event.

As Monsanto, the giant biotech U.S. company is becoming more and more determined to impose it’s GM foods on the populations of the world, people are equally becoming more and more determined to resist this pressure.

Sligo has just entered the Transition Towns Movement and has already established a Community Garden, where great, organic food is grown and people come together to make the transition from a world of peak oil to a more localized environment, where food and fuel do not have to be transported great distances.

It was a great day and an opportunity to power up with information, as well as meet new people involved in improving the world we live in!

Euphorbia in the front gardenBack home, in the gardens here at Bealtaine Cottage, the sun shines between heavy rain…ideal growing conditions!

Roses on the veranda at Bealtaine CottageThe roses on the veranda have opened their scented blooms, as the bees dart in and out to avoid the heavy rain.

Sweet Peas in a hanging basketSweet Peas have been planted in hanging baskets to avoid the slugs and…

Kanzan Cherry tree in flower at Bealtaine CottageThe blossom now covers the Kanzan Cherry Tree…a long wait, but worth it!

You can see the blue sky, but don’t be fooled as almost an inch of rain fell last night and continues, intermittently today!

Bird bath in tree at Bealtaine CottageThis is a brass dish I found at the second-hand market on Sunday.

It was 25cents!

Doesn’t it make a great bird bath set into the branches of this tree and filled with rainwater?

As the tree grows this summer, the branches will grow into the plate, holding it securely in place!

Courtyard garden at Bealtaine CottageEverything is making good progress as the weather improves.

permaculture gardens of Bealtaine CottageThe gardens are just drooping with abundance.

Celtic Cross at Bealtaine CottageBees and insects are in heaven!

And as you can see from today’s video…

“A Bee Healthy Permaculture Garden”


  1. I am from India. Protests against GM foods and Monsanto keep happening here.. Every time the Company comes up with a new GM variant crop, protests start across the country.
    Glad to hear of increasing awareness in other parts of the world too. Wish all success to the transition towns movement and organic, natural, community farming efforts there.

  2. As I read your post, I am thinking about bees in another place.

    Is the European press covering the protests against Monsanto? I saw a post on Facebook with photos of Monsanto protests in France, USA, Holland, and South Africa with a caption that read, “Meanwhile the mainstream media completely ignores the global march against Monsanto in over 400 cities.”

    • Yes, the press here has covered the protests in some small way, but of course, they are puppets of the corporations as are the politicians, so we should expect little and do much! This is where social media comes to the fore and stands head and shoulders above the mediocre mainstream media!

  3. There were peoble on the square on the 25th here in Madison Wi USA. Yet I have been dignosed with 2nd stage Lyme’s and could not go. My garden looks great yet is also silent. The box elder bugs were doing thing on the garage door tho. Worms are a plenty,
    I try to avoid killing them. Every one have a wonderfull fruitfull time this growing season. No matter what I will be in my garden, half planted now.

    • The silence of Nature is something we have to try to heal. Biodiversity and mulching are both part of the first aid box we need to apply. Planting times ahead… 🙂

  4. Our Occupy Monsanto event in Monterey California went very well. There was a majority of young people there, and lots of mothers with small children. It was great to see such possitive high energy. This weekend I. Was doing some research and came across the work of a remarkable man. Have you heard of Ron Finley from LA Green They go into homes vacant lots and parkways in South Central LA and plant gardens for free. He actually gave an amazing talk at a TED conference that everyone should see and hear. He said when children grow kale they eat kale. These are the type of wise leaders the world needs.

    • I am getting so much positive feedback about this day of action, it is truly heartening!
      Ron Finley sounds like a very interesting man and I shall certainly research him and his work.
      This is the beginning of OUR takeover!

  5. I do hope more and more community gardens spring up. Your own garden looks beautiful during every season but somehow May with it’s blossom and promise is a particularly lovely month .

    Blessings x

    • Community gardens, allotments and garden share allows for so many great people to come together and share enthusiasm for our beautiful Earth!
      Hope you’re feeling well!

  6. We live in a Transition Town, too (Goshen, IN), and I love the Transition Movement, which I understand began in Ireland. I’m so glad it appears humanity is finally reaching critical mass for some real and necessary changes in this world. Blessings and cheers! Laura

  7. The march in London on Saturday went well, but it was a shame it coincided with a european football match and we got moved on from Trafalgar square for our own safety. There were well over a thousand people there, maybe two. It was difficult to say in the end as it ended up with groups in several places, which was a shame.

    Your garden looks lovely and mine isn’t bad either. You obviously have insects there, but here it is almost a silent spring and summer. It is so bad that we are cherishing even the odd house fly. The poor birds are looking for insects to feed to their young, but they are in very short supply. I fear the chicks won’t do well. They take the chicken food, but being dry it will do them no good, so I have made some into a wet mash for them.

    • This is just the beginning of a mass awakening and protest movement against Monsanto.
      It’s off to a good start!
      Lots of insect life here and it’s great that you are feeding the birds.
      Hopefully this is just a stop-gap necessity!

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