A New Leaf


(As I am beginning a Juice Fast today, I thought I’d re-post this from last year. I can heartily recommend Juice-Fasting as a way of restoring good health all round…it works for me!)

Fresh herbs and micro-greens from the garden are ready to be juiced.

IMG_0126As a way of recuperating from recent loss and feeling very low, I made the decision to start a twenty day Juice Fast.

www.bealtainecottage.comStarting out last Thursday, I have reached the fifth day and am feeling very good.  

www.bealtainecottage.comJuice fasting helps to balance pH and blood sugar levels.

www.bealtainecottage.com It also strengthens the immune system.

www.bealtainecottage.comThe light around the cottage this evening was ethereal, as the sunset glowed in the western sky.

www.bealtainecottage.comFor over half an hour, the setting sun created magical light that lifted the spirit.

www.bealtainecottage.comIt was like a rainbow had enveloped the cottage and gardens!


The red perlagoniums have turned a vivid orange in the sunset light.

www.bealtainecottage.comSunset orange on peach woodwork in the porch.

www.bealtainecottage.comAnd through the window hang the roses, heavy, on the veranda


Light and dark interact…


This last burst of light illuminates the trees before dusk, here, this evening, in the west of Ireland.


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  1. Your leaves look real healthy Colette. Do you not have any problems with slugs or snail then? I have big problems, they eat everything I plant, or almost everything. I am working on a solution. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards, Agnes

  2. I am, as ever, inspired by your words, Collette. Nature’s balm -internally and externally! Time to follow suit, I think… I’ve done a five day juice fast and a five day water years ago but never twenty! (Wot, no cake?!) Have to say I felt great after both (though breaking the fast was tricky, and I was tempted to eat more of the wrong stuff). It was recommended to get back to the normal food intake over a period double that of the fast. Mind you, with your healthy diet I’m sure you don’t have to be too strict. You will be high on the spice of life after this and ready to run naked through the undergrowth for hours! God bless your detox and bring on the LIFE!

    • You have me laughing out loud! Thanks!
      The fast is now on day 6 and am feeling great!
      I have also dropped 11 lbs, so there will be less of me running anywhere!
      When the 20 days are up I intend to get as close to raw vegan as I can.
      This was meant to be and in a funny way I have been directed to do this…my mental outlook has changed to a very positive one!
      Blessings XXX

  3. If you’re in otherwise good health, there’s no reason to not fast once a month or so. I’ve done three-day fasts many times, always glad I did–and five-day fasts a couple of times. Take care and, if you can, have a friend look in on you in a week or two, just as a sensible precaution. Blessed Be!

    • Good advice and I intend doing this regularly. Thanks for your concern…I visited my doctor today, second visit in ten years! I have a good report and told to keep on keeping on!
      Blessings XXX

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