20 Day Juice Fast…Final Day!


Dropping 13lbs in 9 days has been one of the extraordinary benefits of the Juice Fast I have been on.

Deciding to embark on a total reboot of my system has been what I can only describe as “liberating!”

This is my first glass of juice of the day and has all the ingredients shown in the pics below…


Ginger, Cabbage, Cucumber, Orange and Lime…plus…


Carrot and Courgette…sometimes Beetroot, but not today! Plus…


Peppers and lots of herbs and greens from the garden…

Lemon Balm, Parsley, Rocket, Golden Oregano…


With lots of Mint!


Cleaning the machine straight away after use makes it an easy task…just rinse and leave to dry!

www.bealtainecottage.comI checked myself out with the Doctor after a few days and all was well.

My energy levels are good, though the first three days were tough!

www.bealtainecottage.comDuring this time I suffered headaches and tiredness, as my body came off the caffeine and wheat.

This disappeared after the initial three days and since then I have been feeling fabulous!

www.bealtainecottage.comMy tips for success:

Take time off work to start this as the first three days can be hard and you will want to sleep!

Keep busy…have books to read, walks to go on etc.,


This is a good time to de-junk your life…start with clearing out cupboards, wardrobes etc.

This is what I have kept busy with and the feeling of clearing space is wonderful!

www.bealtainecottage.comFinally, I must add that I have never slept as well or as deeply, though keeping warm is essential, especially in the evenings!

Blessings XXX Colette

UPDATE… 2nd June, Day 12. Energy levels good. Skin clear. Eyes bright. Sleeping well. Total weight loss: 15lbs

UPDATE: 10th June, Day 20! On this final day I am so very happy that I took on this challenge!

It has been one of the best things I have ever done!

I’ve never felt this good and have lost a grand total of 20 lbs!

I shall continue from next week juice fasting 2 days out of every week until all my surplus lbs have gone.

I am now a totally committed Vegan!


  1. I haven’t left a comment yet about your juice fast but I’ve been so inspired by it all and how you have thoughtfully transformed yourself into a healthier you by using what Mother Earth has provided. Thank you so much for sharing your personal journey with us and always look forward to your daily posts and YouTube videos. Your a lovely lady Colette!

  2. i dont have a weight problem ….but sleep badly most nights…i am thinking of perhaps trying this method three days per week…what do you think, Colette x

  3. I love juice fasts but can’t do that while my son is living with me. He’s a protein pusher. Every 4 hours to keep from burning lean muscle mass is his mantra. Soon again I hope. And you have the joy of having it come fresh out of the garden.

  4. I really must try that! I am now heavier than I have ever been and I do feel quite ill and tired. You have come to my rescue Colette!
    Do you regulate what you have daily?

    • i have as much juice as I want to make and drink each day. The only part I regulate is the content of the juice…this I keep to a level of about 20-30% fruit and 70-80% vegetables. No tea or coffee, just water in addition to the juice!
      Blessings X

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