Permaculture Cottage ~ A Summer Feast on a Wet Evening

Lots of Parsley and loads of eggs…yes, it’s summer and the food is in plentiful supply here on this Permaculture smallholding.

An easy way of preserving food for the leaner times is to use it to cook and freeze, or bottle or…anyway, you know what I mean…just don’t let it go to waste!

Here is one of my favourite fast foods, devised by Rose Elliot, my favourite Vegetarian Cookery writer…Parsley Burgers.

I made these on the Cook and Dine Evening I hosted on Monday evening at Cleen Hall, Knockvicar, and, they were very well received!
Anyway, here’s the recipe…
2 eggs / 6 heaped tablespoons of breadcrumbs / 1 small onion, chopped / 4 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley / salt and fresh ground black pepper / oil for shallow frying.


Add the breadcrumbs, onion and parsley to the beaten egg and season to taste.

Pour oil into pan to cover the base thinly and heat.

Spoon the mixture into the pan and fry for about 3 minutes on either side, until crisp.

Drain on kitchen paper and serve with salad or baked beans!

As they freeze really well and there is a glut of all the ingredients here at Bealtaine, I have made dozens of them to freeze and save as a fast food…

AN UPDATE ON THE GRAPEVINE…I planted outdoors…it’s doing really well, so far!

It had over-wintered at Bealtaine and endured being frozen in its pot for weeks on end, survived well and is now set to be a successful outdoor grape…

A Forecast for the Winter Ahead…

Lots of logs continue to be stockpiled for what is going to be a very cold winter indeed.

Seriously, now is the time to prepare!

If you live in the British Isles, try to get hold of a wood burning stove now and start your woodpile.

Ash can be burned without seasoning!


    • Hello Anne and welcome to Bealtaine.
      Wisdom is a fine and precious thing and the best of all is that it stacks up behind us every day and becomes our own mobile library if you like. I can look back over 7+years and pick out all kinds of pearls of wisdom…and my favourite one would be to embrace the child within you.
      Well, Permaculture is a simple state in which to live. Permaculture Ethics provides a framework for living. As children we live in a state of security with our family making all the big decisions and providing the care. Nature does that all the time for us, but most people fight, struggle and rebel against her. When we stop and calm down and begin to have a relationship with Nature, we find that SHE cares abundantly for us. And so a lovely, happy peaceful relationship begins. Let Nature nurture you and show you the way on your journey. The world will become a different place in which to live.
      Blessings, Colette

  1. ~lol!!!! Long John’s are quite common over here love with the extreme cold weather..for men and woman….;)

  2. ~Hi Colette! Love your recipe will be trying it out…a few days ago I made Fish Cakes, similar to your recipe…but with sweet potatoes, onion, parsley, and a couple of big pieces of Pollock that I do not like very much, but makes good Fish Cakes..bind with the breadcrumbs, lemon pepper…and 2 eggs to bind it all together. I fear you are right about the cold winter to come. and your keen eye about the Gulf stream shutting down…Have you noticed…how the southern hemisphere is getting a lot of snow, i.e. N.Zealand, South Africa..and Chili! A lot of changes going on. Is it really raining that much there now where you are love? Susan~

    • A little bit of rain, all soft and gentle and slowly filling the water barrels… Isn’t it great to make good, wholesome, home-made food? Make sure you stock up with woolly garments this winter Susan, it will be a cold one!

  3. I simply must try that recipe! I have tons and tons of vegetarian/vegan cookbooks, but surprisingly none by Rose Elliot. And I have tons and tons of eggs….I was actually going to scramble a bunch of eggs (pouring them into a tin can mold and cooking them into a patty shape) and freeze them. A quick and easy future breakfast sandwich awaits!

    I LOVE cutting wood for the wood stove(s). I am the queen of wood piles!! 😉 Thankfully we have a lot of woods and wood is plentiful…we just need to find the time to get out there and cut, haul, stack it, but it’s one of my absolute favorite chores, any time of the year, but especially in autumn. This spring I boiled down lots of maple and walnut sap on an outdoor wood stove…(one of those blog entries I’ve been meaning to write about!!)

    • And they’re equally delicious as a cold snack! It must be wonderful to have access to a plentiful wood supply. I’m continuing to plant trees here and using coppicing and pollarding techniques at present to increase the yield.

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